Calum Maxwell, Managing Director of Optimise Online

Calum Maxwell and the Optimise Online team use AgencyAnalytics to build client trust, share easy-to-read reports, and reclaim 120 monthly billable hours.
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I highly recommend AgencyAnalytics to any agency looking for a reliable and effective reporting solution. It has helped us become more efficient, transparent, and trustworthy, which has been invaluable to our business growth.
Calum Maxwell, Optimise Online

The Client

In 2013, Calum Maxwell established Optimise Online, an Australia-based agency specializing in services like SEO, PPC, and social media. Over the years, they’ve proudly served 350+ clients across various sectors, including financial services, water filtration, and pool fencing. 

For Optimise Online, agency-client relationships are equivalent to collaborations, where both parties work together to solve problems and make visions a reality. As they’ve coined it, it’s a “Partnership Beyond Service.” 

It’s this philosophy that drives Optimise Online to create purposeful strategies and empower clients to make the best decisions.

Our customers are in all areas of product and service delivery. We are their strategic partner; we will never know their business or customers as well as they do. Therefore, their input is invaluable when building online reputations.
Calum Maxwell, Optimise Online

IndustrySEO, PPC, Web Design, Branding & Social Media
LocationOsborne Park, Australia

The Challenge

Early on in their growth trajectory, Optimise Online realized they needed to invest in client reporting software. Their reporting process was becoming a hindrance to productivity, and frustrating for employees. 

It took at least 3.5 hours to produce a report, and clients were having a hard time deciphering information in the reports upon receipt. Clients were seeking reassurance that campaigns were yielding the expected results, but goal tracking wasn’t always straightforward. This gap led to additional queries, increased follow-ups, and more billable time expended. 

If things remained the way they were, Optimise Online risked eroding trust and putting a dent in agency growth. All these factors led Maxwell to explore the market for a better solution. 

Our previous reporting process was manual, time-consuming, and not as in-depth or easy to read. A major pain point was that clients didn’t always understand their reports. We needed a better way to foster trust, show what we were doing, and demonstrate our dedication to their success.
Calum Maxwell, Optimise Online

The Solution

After testing several reporting tools to no avail, Maxwell heard about AgencyAnalytics through a fellow agency owner. Right away, it was clear that this tool offered everything they needed–integrations with over 80 marketing platforms, agency-centric features, and a great user experience. 

The highly visual dashboards and reports were well-received by clients who quickly grasped their marketing results. It also became easier for Optimise Online to perform a deeper metric analysis and share actionable recommendations. 

Automating data retrieval significantly freed up more time for employees to focus on more important tasks. Overall, it was a win-win investment, both for their agency and clients.

Our team is happier because they can work on high-level objectives and tasks. They’re able to achieve results for our clients rather than getting bogged down in the reporting. Showcasing this to clients helps us win them over in the beginning and quickly build trust in our abilities.
Calum Maxwell, Optimise Online

The Result

Since using AgencyAnalytics, Optimise Online has seen significant benefits, including an annual cost savings of $50,400. A client report now takes less than 30 minutes to produce, which results in an extra 120 billable hours per month. That means more time to focus on team training, client deliverables, and relationship building.

Whether it’s a downloadable PDF report or a live dashboard, sharing results is more seamless and streamlined. This increased transparency has fostered greater trust, leading to better client retention. 

As a best practice, Optimise Online recommends setting up dashboards and integrations from the get-go. Then, revisit these configurations (at least every six months) to ensure reporting continues to meet expectations.

AgencyAnalytics has been a game-changer for us. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to set up and customize reporting dashboards. The ability to automate data collection and reporting has saved us countless hours of manual work. Overall, I highly recommend AgencyAnalytics to any agency looking for a reliable and effective reporting solution.
Calum Maxwell, Optimise Online

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