Adform Reporting Dashboard

Demonstrate how your agency is turning your client’s Adform marketing budget into quality conversions. Track the ads you’re placing, the results you’re achieving, and how your agency is pacing against budgets. Present the metrics that matter most to your clients in professional, white label dashboards and reports.
Adform Reporting Dashboard Template Example

Track Campaigns

Report which ads are actively running, their start and end dates, and associated budgets to give clients an overview of your agency’s efforts.

Report on Campaign Performance

Showcase impressions, clicks, and page views, and how that performance translates to conversions for your client's business.

Manage Costs

Track eCPM, eCPC, and eCPA and manage the bang you’re getting for your client’s buck.

Stay On Budgets

Monitor costs and set up custom goals to ensure your agency is hitting its performance targets while staying on budget.


Automated Tracking & Reporting for Digital Advertising

Your clients want to see the return they’re getting on their digital ad spend. Make it easy for them to see the value your agency is delivering. Send clear, beautifully designed Adform reports that demonstrate how your team is translating their spend into conversions and growth.

Adform Automated Reporting
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Adform Metrics

Add any of these metrics to your client reports and marketing dashboards with ease
    • Advertiser ID
    • Af Campaign ID
    • Avg Engagement Time
    • Avg Frequency
    • Campaign Name
    • Clicks
    • Conversions
    • Cost
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Ecpa
    • Ecpc
    • Ecpm
    • Impressions
    • Sales
    • Video Complete Count
    • Video Completion Rate
    • Views

    Key Digital Advertising Insights

    Monitor and manage the performance of your client’s ad campaigns with clear data visualizations. Automatically track the impressions, clicks, conversions, and more in real time and over time. Gain the insights you need to buy with precision and maximize results. Display those results in ways your clients will understand and appreciate.

    Adform Client Report Widget Examples

    Confirm You’re Hitting Client’s Marketing Goals

    Communicate your agency’s impact at a glance. The Goals widget uses a visual progress bar to show how your efforts are trending against your client’s digital marketing objectives. Show clients exactly how they’re progressing towards their targets by applying goals to any Adform metric. Keep your team on track by breaking down monthly performance and budget pacing targets into day-to-day action items.

    Custom marketing goals reporting widget example

    Present Personalized Marketing Reports

    Take your client reporting to the next level and enhance your data storytelling by adding expert annotations. Start with a well-crafted summary, add insights and highlight data changes, and point out big wins so everyone can share in the success. Automate the Adform data-retrieval and report creation processes so your team can focus on adding personalized insights, professional advice, and actionable context.

    Add annotations to client reports

    Give Clients Their Own Custom Dashboard

    Impress your clients with transparent access to the Adform metrics they care about without causing information overload. Live, custom Adform dashboards give your clients access to the digital marketing data they need, when they need it, in an intuitive format. Deliver an even more customized and professional client experience by using your agency’s branding, including colors, logo, and more.

    Custom Adform Client Reporting Dashboard Example

    All Your Client’s Data In One View

    Adform is just one part of your client’s marketing tech stack. Bring together data from more than 80 channels into AgencyAnalytics’ powerful reporting platform for a holistic view of their overall performance. Use the drag-and-drop editor to create custom dashboard views your client will love. Seize back countless hours each month across all your clients by reducing back-and-forth between platforms.

    Marketing Platform Reporting Integrations

    Connect the Adform integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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