Nico de Jong,
CEO, Forward Marketing

How Forward Marketing uses AgencyAnalytics to consolidate insights across multiple marketing channels, create visual dashboards, and deliver top-notch reports.
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Nico de Jong, Forward Marketing
Time savings is very important for me as CEO, less grunt work is important for my employees, and professional-looking reports are important for our branding and customers. Win-win-win.
Nico de Jong, Forward Marketing

The Client

Founded in 2015 by Nico de Jong, Netherlands-based digital agency Forward Marketing started with a team of one and a mission to help businesses thrive in the online space. 

After recognizing the need for B2B companies to have more comprehensive online marketing–a task that was often taken up by sales teams–Forward Marketing decided to focus on providing website development services. 

Since then, this results-focused agency has expanded its portfolio to include a wide spectrum of solutions, including content creation, SEO, PPC advertising, social media, and data analysis. 

Over the years, Forward Marketing has successfully executed over 1,500 marketing campaigns and grown its current roster to over 100 active clients. The agency now has a solid team of 15 employees and serves a variety of niches, such as specialized retail, real estate, and tax advisory.

Forward Marketing has shifted from a company that builds websites to a full-service marketing agency. This shift has brought us customers with more large-scale businesses and allowed us to decrease our total number of customers while increasing our total revenue.
Nico de Jong, Forward Marketing

LocationThe Netherlands

The Challenge

As Forward Marketing expanded, it became exceedingly challenging to onboard new customers and generate regular reports that showcase the impact of their marketing investment. 

To top it off, there was a gap in the agency’s reporting process, resulting in more manual work and less time to focus on project delivery. This made it difficult to prove the ROI of its clients’ marketing efforts and justify why the agency’s services were needed.

Before using AgencyAnalytics, we had a single tool for tracking SEO efforts. This meant that we had to do everything else by hand. Therefore, we could only make proper reports for our bigger customers, as it wasn’t feasible to spend time reporting for smaller customers instead of creating campaigns.
Nico de Jong, Forward Marketing

The Solution

Relying on outdated manual reporting didn’t hit the mark for Forward Marketing’s growth goals. And so, it became apparent it needed a single software solution to report on SEO efforts and consolidate insights across multiple marketing channels. 

After extensive research, Forward Marketing decided on AgencyAnalytics as its go-to reporting solution. Investing in this platform meant delivering the same level of service across the board without deprioritizing any client’s reporting needs.

Spending 50% of your time creating campaigns and the other 50% on reporting is inefficient. The time of these consultants is valuable and good talent is scarce. To be able to service more clients with the same people, or even less, gives our agency the possibility to grow.
Nico de Jong, Forward Marketing

The Result

Since streamlining reporting through AgencyAnalytics, Forward Marketing has unlocked more billable time to prioritize project execution and high-level strategizing. 

As a result, there was a significant boost in client satisfaction and less time spent on laborious manual reporting tasks. Forward Marketing now saves approximately $21,000 per month, which translates to improved efficiency and profit for the agency. 

No more reporting insights slipping through the cracks. Forward Marketing now uses AgencyAnalytics to create visual dashboards and reports that seamlessly integrate with over 75 marketing platforms. This results in clients that understand Forward Marketing’s reports and are happy with the overall marketing results.

With AgencyAnalytics, we cut back the time to create great marketing reports by almost 60%. Because we decreased our reporting time, our clients noticed that we spend more time on the campaigns that are actually making them money.
Nico de Jong, Forward Marketing

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