Brendan Chard, Owner, The Modern Firm, LLC

The Modern Firm uses Smart Reporting features to deliver outstanding results to over 100 online marketing clients, enhancing productivity and client satisfaction.
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AgencyAnalytics’ Smart Reporting features are a godsend for digital marketing agencies. They allow us to show the impact of our work in a way clients understand, free up our time to do more for our clients, and make us look polished and professional.
Brendan Chard, The Modern Firm, LLC

The Client

The Modern Firm was established in 2002 by Brendan Chard, and is now a premier online marketing, website design, and creative branding agency tailored exclusively for solo and small law firms across the United States. Operating remotely across ten states and three countries,, the agency thrives on a dynamic team of fun, driven, and bright individuals. 

Characterized by countless long-standing client relationships–many of which span years or even decades–the firm is considered an integral part of their clients' growth and success.

At our core, we are driven to teach and help. We love working directly with firm owners to understand their unique story and create an online presence that truly fits them and performs beyond expectations.
Brendan Chard, The Modern Firm, LLC

The Solution

The switch to AgencyAnalytics marked a turning point for The Modern Firm. The platform's seamless integrations, white-label branding, Smart Reporting features, and robust support system minimized the technical challenges they previously faced, allowing the team to focus more on the content and presentation of data rather than on troubleshooting data connectivity issues. 

With AgencyAnalytics, the report generation process became a matter of minutes, not hours, thanks to customizable report templates and easy modification of widgets according to client needs. 

Most recently, client onboarding was reduced even further–to a fraction of what it used to be–thanks to the 11-Second Smart Report and Smart Dashboard features, which automatically create comprehensive reports and dashboards based on each client’s connected integrations in seconds. 

This increase in efficiency improved internal processes and greatly enhanced the quality of client interactions.

We were working with a client who came to us after having a poor experience with other marketing professionals. In a matter of minutes, we were able to create a Smart Report and have an in-depth audit in hand to explain why their previous efforts were unsuccessful, educate them on what is important to fix right away and discuss how our ongoing marketing services would be different from what they have experienced in the past.
Brendan Chard, The Modern Firm, LLC

The Result

Adopting AgencyAnalytics has brought about transformative changes for The Modern Firm. The automated and streamlined reporting process has significantly reduced the time spent generating client reports. 

The time saved has enabled the team to focus on actionable client work, leading to quicker and more visible results for their clients. The professional and polished appearance of the reports has not only satisfied existing clients but also attracted new ones, enhancing the firm's reputation, acquisition, and client retention rates.

The team also uses some of the time saved to create video walkthroughs for each client report. These videos provide a personal recap of the data by the account manager, which clients view at their convenience.

Clients love the new reports, and we’re getting much more interaction with them than before. It allows our clients to quickly and easily see the return on their marketing investment with clear numbers and charts.
Brendan Chard, The Modern Firm, LLC
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