Guy Hudson,
Founder of Bespoke Marketing Plans

Bespoke Marketing Plans uses visual reports from AgencyAnalyitcs to educate their WordPress clients on the Local SEO services the team delivers.
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Guy Hudson
AgencyAnalytics has been a lifesaver for me. I no longer waste time or money on trying to track my clients’ performance, and it’s saved plenty of internal stress along the way too!
Guy Hudson, Bespoke Marketing Plans

The Client

The Founder of Bespoke Marketing Plans, Guy Hudson, started his boutique SEO agency in 2020 to offer his SEO expertise to small, local service-based businesses in the UK. He now has 25 retainer SEO clients that his small-but-mighty team works with to improve their bottom line. 

Hudson started out with what he knew best–SEO. Once his first few clients started seeing a positive ROI, it generated a lot of referrals and long-term relationships. Although his agency is relatively new, the stable income from his loyal clients allowed him to niche down into the exact businesses he wanted to work with–clients who have WordPress websites and need help with their SEO initiatives.

Bespoke Marketing Plans focuses exclusively on getting results for their clients with their local SEO knowledge. By offering one solution, for one problem, to one type of client, their marketing efforts have become easier to scale which contributes to their client’s overall growth as well.

I saw a gap in the market to help small, local businesses. Getting an ROI for them is very rewarding. It’s also a great feeling to work with a client and see their business grow.
Guy Hudson, Bespoke Marketing Plans

IndustryWordpress Local SEO

The Challenge

The team at Bespoke Marketing Plans was gathering their client’s data from a variety of sources including Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, as well as the rank tracker tool from AgencyAnalytics. The process of collecting the data was time-consuming, not very intuitive, or at all scalable. 

After spending close to 35 hours a month on their SEO reports, their clients still weren’t understanding the data. This cost their agency even more time by creating “explainer videos” they could send to their clients. Overall, the entire process just wasn’t working and they needed a solution that would produce visual reports for their clients.

We tried using other keyword tracking software but our clients needed a nice, visual report to look at where they could clearly see the improvements in both traffic and keyword rankings each month.
Guy Hudson, Bespoke Marketing Plans

The Solution

Both the external clients and internal team members of Bespoke Marketing Plans appreciate how easy and efficient it is to use AgencyAnaltyics.

Guy Hudson created a report template for the team to use across all of their clients and they schedule monthly overview meetings to highlight anything that has happened with their client’s SEO services. The clients love how easy it is to understand the data and leave their meetings feeling empowered to make strategic business decisions. 

AgencyAnalytics has also enabled easier onboarding of new staff members and created a less-stressful work environment at Bespoke. Guy Hudson says it’s reduced the risk of burnout and improved his employee retention rate.

We can generate a variety of custom reports with AgencyAnalytics that can be tailored to the specific needs of the client if necessary. These reports provide valuable insights that would otherwise be unavailable.
Guy Hudson, Bespoke Marketing Plans

The Result

Now, Bespoke Marketing Plans has reinvested time that would have been spent on reporting, into areas of the business they’d like to expand. Their team now focuses that time on training themselves on new growth strategies such as video outreach, Facebook Ads, and content marketing. 

When it comes to reporting, Guy Hudson says it’s important to show an example of a report to a client when your agency onboards them. This ensures they know exactly what to expect and sparks a conversation if they’re looking for specific metrics. He says it’s saved them a lot of time editing any future reports.

AgencyAnalytics makes reporting as easy as possible. With streamlined reporting, we’re now able to reinvest our time to grow the agency.
Guy Hudson, Bespoke Marketing Plans

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