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Showcase your expertise and streamline Instagram performance reporting. The customizable Instagram report template delivers polished, insightful reports that make your agency an indispensable partner. Spend less time crunching numbers and more time delivering strategic value.
Instagram Report Template Example

Why You Need an Instagram Report Template

Tired of manually crafting Instagram reports? Streamline your agency's reporting workflow and impress clients with a professional Instagram analytics report template.

Imagine automatically generating a white-labelled, visually appealing Instagram report packed with your clients' key metrics. No more tedious tracking of follower growth, post reach, or individual post engagement. An Instagram report template is your secret weapon!

Benefits galore!

  • Slash reporting time: Ditch manual data wrangling, freeing up hours each month that can be better spent optimizing campaign performance.

  • Wow your clients: Polished reports showcase your expertise with easy-to-grasp data visualizations.

  • Boost client retention: Consistent, insightful reporting solidifies your value.

  • Optional bonus: Present the same data in a dynamic Instagram marketing dashboard.

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5 Sections In Our Instagram Report Template

1. Cover Page

Instagram is all about aesthetics, and your Instagram Report should be no different. Your Instagram Report should capture attention as effectively as the platform it analyzes. The Report Cover and Section Design Customization Feature allows you to customize the background color or to upload a custom image that syncs with your agency's brand aesthetics. Title and image widgets offer extra layers of personalization within the report content, enabling you to create a truly distinct report.

Custom design your Instagram Report cover, section pages, and more!

Once a design captures the essence of your agency's brand, save it as a template and make it a staple across all subsequent reports. This establishes a uniform look and feel, enhancing your agency's professional image.

The impact of a well-designed report extends beyond aesthetics. From beginning to end, it sets a high bar for the detailed insights and analytics inside. Not only does it prepare the client for a data-driven deep dive, but it also emphasizes your agency's dedication to quality and consistency.

2. Monthly Summary

The monthly summary section of your agency's social media reports is the place to give your client a high-level overview about everything that happened with their Instagram account over the past month. You can use this section to explain everything you did during the month to move their social media goals and marketing strategy forward. You’ll want to discuss the goals you did and didn’t reach here, as well as any deliverables your agency completed.

Instagram Monthly Client Report Summary Example

You should also use this section to talk about the upcoming month. What are your goals, KPIs, and strategies moving forward? If something didn’t go as you planned, explain to your client how you plan on fixing those problems in the next month. Set new goals here so you keep your strategy as transparent as possible with clients.

3. Instagram Insights

It can be hard for many clients to understand the intricate details of Instagram and social media marketing in general. KPIs your clients surely do understand are followers, comments and likes. The Instagram Insights section of the report displays all of these data points in a single place. The best part about this section is that each of the relevant metrics are displayed in individual, visual charts that are easy to read and understand. It’s a quick way for your clients to see general trends happening with their followers.

Instagram Insights Report Example

You can use the Instagram Insights report template section to give your client a general idea of what’s going on with their account. Correlate the data in this section with other metrics like post performance and click-through rates to provide an overall picture of account performance for your client.

4. Instagram Feed

Most social media marketing contracts stipulate that your agency will create a certain number of Instagram posts per month. For one, you can use this section of the Instagram analytics template to show your client that you’re meeting that service level agreement (SLA). It displays the number of Posts, Stories and Reels you’ve made during the month, including details like the post title and description.

Instagram Feed Report Example

More importantly, however, are the post engagement details you’ll see here in this section of the Instagram analytics report. For each post made during the month, the report also displays the number of likes and comments your client’s followers have left.

Use this information to show your client what kinds of social media posts work best with current and potential followers on Instagram so you can both create new content ideas and strategies that maximize engagement and ROI. Again, it’s best to compare the data in this section to data in other sections of the report to create a comprehensive approach to the next month.

Also use our social media report template to integrate your clients' other accounts if you're providing services for other social media platforms.

5. Instagram Ads

In-depth marketing data from Instagram is one area that many of your clients won’t fully understand, which is why the Instagram Ads portion of the template is so important. Marketing metrics like click-through rates (CTR), impressions, clicks and goal completions are shown here.

Use this section to show your clients which ads are performing best and give them analysis as to why you think they’re doing so well so you can mirror that in future ads. Another great aspect to this part of the report is to showcase the key metrics found here in conjunction with everything else on the report and provide a more comprehensive explanation of overall Instagram performance and ROI.

Need more sections or custom metrics? No problem. AgencyAnalytics social media reporting tool lets you easily drag and drop new sections to your Instagram reports for a fully customized, white-label experience.

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Streamlining Reporting with White Label Instagram Report Templates

Transform your Instagram reporting from bland spreadsheets to visually engaging presentations. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor lets you craft stunning reports in minutes. Automated data pulls reduce client reporting time by up to 80%, eliminate manual copy-and-paste errors, and ensure your agency's insights are both accurate and impactful.

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As your agency grows, the burden of collecting, organizing, and presenting each client's social media analytics can become overwhelming. Empower your team to focus on strategic analysis and optimization with a custom social media report template.

Customizable templates automate data collection, delivering insights with clarity and visual appeal. Automate your agency's monthly Instagram analytics report and other key social channels to help your agency to scale confidently.

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In-depth Client Reporting Made Easy

Chances are your clients are on a lot more platforms than Instagram. Combine their Instagram data with all their other marketing channels to build custom reports that reflect your agency's overall efforts.

A comprehensive social media marketing report or digital marketing report template consolidates all your client's data into one centralized hub, driving efficiency, improving targeting, and maximizing conversions.

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Gorgeous interface. Simple, elegant, without sacrificing features. And SO MANY features. Plus, integrated marketing. Now we have a single platform to manage and report SEO, SEM, and Social Media.

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