Claire Daniels, CEO at Trio Media

Trio Media uses AgencyAnalytics to send professional white-labled reports to their clients while achieving an efficient 4-day work week.
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Using AgencyAnalytics has allowed us to streamline our reporting process and improve the consistency and formatting of our reports.
Claire Daniels, Trio Media

The Client

UK-based marketing agency, Trio Media was founded in 2017. Claire Daniels purchased the agency in 2019 from the previous founding directors with the intention of scaling the business to new heights.

Her full-service digital marketing agency helps businesses generate online conversions. Her team of thirteen is working on 20-25 active projects at all times–from website builds to redesigns, SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns. Trio Media also assists their clients with branding services, including video production, content creation, and brand strategy. 

Daniels’ team works with clients in various industries including tech, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail businesses.

We’re helping businesses who want to elevate their marketing and get new or improved results. Trio Media works with forward-thinking businesses without being specific to one industry or niche.
Claire Daniels, Trio Media

IndustryFull Service
LocationLeeds, England

The Challenge

Trio Media was one of the pioneering companies in the UK that joined the pilot of the 4-day work week. It was the most disruptive challenge their agency had faced, and required a great deal of strategic planning to implement and continually monitor the success and results. 

Trio took their time to make the transition as smooth as possible, working with clients and their internal team to make sure the agency remained productive throughout. Trio Media’s biggest challenge while rolling out this new change was balancing customer expectations while improving agency employees’ work-life balance. They needed to change many of their agency’s processes, including their client reporting, to deliver the highest quality attention and care, within a shorter work week. 

Their current client reporting process included screenshots of Google Analytics, Google Ads, and various other marketing platforms their clients were using for advertising.  Toggling between platforms to take screenshots and then manually build client reports was taking up valuable time and holding the agency back from maintaining their professional appearance.

Our reporting process was really slow, and there were also massive differences in the presentation from one person to the next based on them dropping the screenshots into the slide deck.
Claire Daniels, Trio Media

The Solution

To improve their time-consuming manual reporting processes, Trio Media needed an efficient solution that would help them get more done in less time.

Their reporting software needed to have report templates and marketing dashboards that were easy for their team to set up and were consistent for each client. It was important for the platform to retrieve the data quickly and accurately so the Trio Media team could spend more time servicing clients. 

After completing their 14-day free trial with AgencyAnalytics, they immediately reduced the amount of time spent aggregating their clients’ marketing data and were able to make professional, white-labeled reports in significantly less time.  

We’re always looking at ways to accelerate our position to become a high-performance company focused on growth. We needed a tool that would be easier for us to use and easier for our clients to understand.
Claire Daniels, Trio Media

The Result

Using AgencyAnalytics for their reporting software, Trio Media has cut their client reporting time by more than half. Their team sends personalized, white-labeled reports to clients, featuring the granular marketing metrics that demonstrate their hard work and expertise. 

Trio Media also loves creating reusable templates that enhance their day-to-day efficiency, and they use the scheduling feature to automate when reports are sent out.

With AgencyAnalytics, Trio Media has been able to make their 4-day workweek a success in terms of productivity and financial gain. Their automated, accurate, comprehensive marketing reports assure clients that the agency is hard at work, no matter how many days they’re at the office.

Reporting is integral to our business in terms of demonstrating the results from our work and delivering real ROI for our clients.
Claire Daniels, Trio Media
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