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Spend minutes on reporting, hours on strategy. Ditch the time-consuming process of pulling together email marketing data. No more endless spreadsheets, a customizable email marketing report template does the heavy lifting for you and delivers essential email metrics instantly. Add your expert analysis, and deliver reports that impress.
Email Marketing Report Template Example

Why You Need an Email Marketing Report Template

When managing email marketing campaigns for clients, agencies need an efficient way to report on the results. They simply can't (and don't want to) waste time manually copying and pasting data for each client and prefer one consolidated reporting platform. The customizable email report template provides a deeper look into performance so you know exactly what you need to do to maximize the ROI and overall success of your campaigns.

Instead of going through the painstaking process of manually gathering all your data, use a report template to automatically pull key metrics from each email provider (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Drip, Klaviyo, and more).

Create a visually clean and intuitive report to present to your clients in minutes. Not only does this help keep up with your own marketing strategies and goals, but it also helps build your clients’ trust in your agency.

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What's Included in the Email Marketing Report

1. Cover Page

When it comes to monthly reporting on email campaigns, the cover page isn’t an afterthought; it's an integral element that sets the expectation for the content that follows. Use the Report Cover and Section Design Customization Feature to customize the background color or upload a custom image that truly aligns with your agency’s brand ethos—then carry the design through your entire report. The title and image widgets offer additional avenues for personalization that elevate the presentation.

When you craft a layout that hits all the right notes, save it. This way, your subsequent reports sing the same tune of brand consistency and streamlined efforts.

Custom design your Email Marketing Report cover, section pages, and more!

An attention-grabbing cover is more than a pretty facade; it's your initial handshake with the client. It builds anticipation for the most important metrics on branded report section pages to follow and subtly says, "We're serious about your success." And guess what? You just scored another point in building a lasting client relationship.

2. Monthly Summary

An essential part of staying accountable to your agreements with your clients is keeping them in the loop with the ups and downs of their email campaigns. The section is the best way to provide a summary of how things went last month with their email subscribers and general marketing efforts.

email marketing report summary

This section is your opportunity to give your clients an overview of your wins and losses in plain English. What went well and what can you improve during the next iteration? Take some time to discuss the emails you sent during the month and which ones performed better than others. Discuss your general strategy here and how you plan on getting them better results and making adjustments going forward.

For example, discussing content adjustments to ensure emails are tailored to the right audience while meeting overall business goals.

3. Email List Growth

Of course, one of the most important things to track for an email campaign is email list growth.

email list growth

The report displays subscribe and unsubscribe rate that have happened over the past month, in both number and chart form - all in one platform. You’ll want to target a positive growth rate here, but if you’ve had a bad month, take the opportunity to explain your improved strategy for the next month with your clients here.

4. Open Rate

If no one is opening your emails, then you’re going to need to make adjustments to your strategy. Email marketing report templates displays email marketing metrics such as the overall email open rate for your campaign. The open rate is calculated based on the total number of individual opens divided by the total number of email subscribers and is one of the simplest ways to show how your email marketing strategy is effective.

Email Marketing Campaign Report Template Example

If you aren’t getting a high open rate, it could mean that you need to write better subject lines or maybe you're sending too many emails. It's an important metric to watch!

5. Clicks / Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is another essential KPI to track in an email campaign report. Simply put, it tells you the click rate of how many people clicked through the emails you've sent. If you’re doing things right, you’ll have a call to action (CTA) built into the body of the email which encourages a click.

email CTR

If you’re getting a low CTR, maybe there’s something wrong with the content of the emails you’re sending, or your CTA isn't clear enough. Take this information and use it to discuss creative strategies moving forward, such as ways to potentially increase conversion rate as part of their campaign performance. Perhaps your agency is noticing a high bounce rate after clicking the CTA. This is a great opportunity to discuss potential strategies like improving website content or making clear promises in the email marketing campaign.

6. Google Analytics Email Data

While it's not the goal of every email, many are meant to point the user to your client's website. If you're using Google Analytics, plug in the integration to track how much traffic your clients’ sites are getting. A dedicated Google Analytics report template is available for more granular marketing metrics. This template gives you important website data straight from Google, like the number of web sessions and conversion rates earned as a direct result of your email campaign strategies. You just need to be sure you're setting up UTM parameters with each email you send out.

GA email data

Use this section of the report to give your clients an idea of how successful both your email strategy and overall digital marketing strategy are. When you can see things like goal completions and revenue earned directly from email campaigns, you also help your client see the importance of investing in a diverse set of marketing strategies. Even segment the Google Analytics data to build a full web analytics report or local SEO report.

Aim to show your clients how your email marketing efforts directly impact their other digital platforms. Highlighting different metrics by using free templates such as Facebook Ads report template or an Instagram report template, is a great way to showcase their return on investment from their social media channels. This doesn't need to take up a ton of your agency's billable hours, either. Save time with automated marketing reports. Your agency puts the entire process on autopilot with report scheduling features.

The Takeaway

Marketing agencies aiming to communicate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns to clients, a report template is indispensable. Utilizing a template streamlines the process of showcasing key email marketing metrics and also enhances the clarity and impact of the efforts of your marketing team.

With a well-designed report template, agencies effectively highlight critical data like bounce rate, conversion rate, and other vital analytics. This helps present a clear and concise analysis, demonstrating your agency's expertise and the value you bring to a clients' bottom line. Investing in a robust report template is a convenient and strategic tool for success in long-term client relationships.

If your clients prefer to be more hands-on, digital marketing dashboards give them all the data at their fingertips in real time.

Need more sections or custom metrics? No problem, AgencyAnalytics lets you easily drag and drop new sections to your email report template.

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