Constant Contact Dashboard

Automated Constant Contact reports for agencies. Accurate, timely data. Intuitive configuration.
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Subscriber Activity

Opened, unopened, bounced, and forwarded emails

Campaign Engagement

Opens and clicks by date for insightful subscriber engagement analysis

Account Overview

Account-wide overview cataloging all campaign actions

Unsubscribe Count

Real-time tally of "unsubscribes" for each campaign

Dazzling Full Color Charts and Graphs

Maximum Client Engagement

Most clients are busy business owners, juggling multiple information streams coming in at warp speed. Our stunning report layouts, with full color charts and graphs, cut through the noise and encourage clients to engage with the data at a deeper level.

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Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Constant Contact Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Bounces
    • Click Rate
    • Clicks
    • Date
    • Delivered
    • Forwards
    • Not Opened
    • Open Rate
    • Opens
    • Sends
    • Unsubscribes
    Improve Performance with Data-Driven Analytics

    Email Marketing, Simplified

    Our intuitive visual comparisons of clicks and opens over time help you to make better optimization decisions for improved campaign performance.

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    Data On Demand

    Real-Time Constant Contact Dashboard

    Clients adore having the ability to view their email marketing data on demand. But it often doesn't make sense to give them access to your production Constant Contact account. Instead, give them their own custom login to your white labeled dashboard where they can view email analytics on their schedule.

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    Showcase Impact on Performance Over Time

    Highlight Your Agency’s Marketing Value

    Most clients have limited marketing budgets, and even in longstanding client relationships, it's important to consistently remind clients of the value that your agency brings to the table. Historical, calendar-driven reporting highlights the impact that your agency has had on performance over time.

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    Sleek, Professional Branding Options

    White-Labeled Constant Contact Reports

    Consistent branding is a must-have in today's competitive marketing landscape. Don't damage your brand perception with generic spreadsheets or watermarked reports. Our sleek, professionally designed email marketing reports prominently feature your branding, and contribute to a perception of professionalism and high level expertise.

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    Connect the Constant Contact integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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