Garrett Kite, President of Kite Media

Kite Media uses AgencyAnalytics to consolidate marketing data, create custom reports, and ensure data transparency.
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Garrett Kite, President of Kite Media
AgencyAnalytics has been a game changer for our agency. I can’t imagine doing reporting the way we were before. It makes our reporting look professional, saves time, and gives a high-level reporting view in one centralized dashboard.
Garrett Kite, Kite Media

The Client

Kite Media is a Utah-based agency specializing in local SEO, PPC advertising, and web design. Founded in 2011 by Garrett Kite, their mission is simple: Enhance clients' online presence and boost lead generation. 

Their journey began by serving a diverse client base, focusing on reliability and communication. After successfully working with a carpet cleaning franchise, Kite Media experienced exponential organic growth through word-of-mouth referrals. 

At that point, they decided to focus their niche on locally-based home service industries, including carpet cleaning, painting, and plumbing. Today, Kite Media has become a popular go-to agency for service-oriented small businesses looking to expand their digital footprint.

Over the years, we mostly enjoyed doing local marketing for small businesses instead of e-commerce or national campaigns. We’ve leaned into that much more heavily, focusing on home service businesses over the last few years.
Garrett Kite, Kite Media

IndustrySEO, PPC, Web Design
LocationLogan, UT

The Challenge

As Kite Media began rapidly expanding, they encountered a significant challenge – maintaining efficient client reporting. Their early methods were a patchwork of ad-hoc reports and manually aggregated data in spreadsheets. 

The agency often used SEO tools like Moz for keyword tracking. While this worked for a while, it quickly became unmanageable as more clients were added to their roster. They now had many more platforms to manage, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics. Plus, it was difficult to consolidate the data from all these marketing platforms, and the process took countless hours each month.

This inefficiency hindered the agency’s ability to scale effectively and left much less time to focus on relationship-building with clients. It wasn’t ideal for their growing agency, and a better solution was needed. 

We initially did all of our reporting 100% manually, and it was insanely inefficient and way too cumbersome. Our previous software automated a lot of the process, but we needed more control over the look and feel of the data within the reports.
Garrett Kite, Kite Media

The Solution

Kite Media explored the market for a unified, automated platform to combat their manual reporting woes. Their top priority was clear: Find a tool capable of providing clients with real-time dashboards. This feature was notably missing in the other options they previously considered.

After considering peer recommendations, they decided to go with AgencyAnalytics. The platform came equipped with a solid list of integrations, visual dashboards, and an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. 

It also included a range of customization features, allowing Kite Media to tailor reports and present them professionally. This would overhaul their outdated reporting process, making it more structured and efficient.

Beyond the functional capabilities, AgencyAnalytics was user-friendly, which meant a smooth transition and less employee training. Their interactions with the AgencyAnalytics sales team were exceptionally positive, influencing their decision to move forward.

I love all of the integrations in AgencyAnalytics and the control we have over the design and data shared with clients. The fact that clients can be added as users, given login permission, and view reports on their own is another bonus. Every feature we’ve ever wanted AgencyAnalytics to create has eventually been added, which is incredible.
Garrett Kite, Kite Media

The Result

Since switching to AgencyAnalytics, Kite Media has reshaped their reporting process. The most immediate impact was the significant cut in report preparation time – from an astounding 2.5 hours per report to just 30 minutes.

This efficiency translated into cost savings of $13,000 per month. It also gave the team more time to focus on strategic work, which benefits clients more. There’s also a much smaller chance of missing reporting deadlines since Kite Media uses the report scheduling feature to automate this process entirely.

Clients view their data anytime without waiting for monthly reports or contacting the agency. This flexibility has proven to be a win-win situation, improving both client satisfaction and retention.

Our client reporting process is much more streamlined since using AgencyAnalytics. It has allowed us to reinvest in hands-on client work and proactive communication. Rather than compiling data to send in an email, we can now use that time to pick up the phone and call clients to check in.
Garrett Kite, Kite Media

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