Campaign Monitor Reporting

Automated Campaign Monitor reports for clients. Robust email analytics in an engaging format.
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Campaign Overview

Analyze essential email metrics like opens, clicks and unsubscribes

Engagement Metrics

View a breakdown of opens, bounces, unopens and clicks

Monitor List Growth

Track the total number of new subscribers and unsubscribers for each list

Schedule Reports

Simplify email marketing updates with beautiful, automated reports

Automated Campaign Monitor Reports

Email Marketing Reports, Simplified

Always keep clients up-to-date with beautiful email marketing reports. Start with a free template and add the metrics that matter most from Campaign Monitor, including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more.

A screenshot of an email campaign report
Email Engagement Metrics

Identify Your Most Successful Campaigns

Analyze your email engagement metrics for every campaign in a single interface. View opens, unsubscribes, clicks, bounces and email clients for each campaign. Quickly identify emails with the highest open rate, so you can keep fine-tuning your strategy.

Monitor Active Campaign Performance
View new subscribers

Track List Growth

Showcase month over month audience growth. Add key metrics for any email list to your monthly email reports to show clients which list had the most growth.

campaign monitor analytics
Unlimited Client Logins

Keep Clients Up-to-Date

It often doesn't make sense to give clients access to your native Campaign Monitor account. Instead give clients access to a beautiful, intuitive dashboard, where they can view both real-time and historical stats for lists and campaigns.

Screenshot of Custom Dashboard
White Labeled Email Marketing Dashboard

Add Your Own Branding

Completely white label both your reports and dashboard for clients. Add your own color, logos and branding. Even host the dashboard on your own domain!

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Connect the Campaign Monitor integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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