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How :Delmain uses AgencyAnalytics to help them scale their dental marketing agency and put a :D on their clients' faces.
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Prior to AgencyAnalytics, our reporting was irregular, lacked insightful data, and the platform was clunky.
Dan Delmain, :Delmain

The Client

:Delmain is a digital marketing and web design agency based in Portland, Oregon that focuses exclusively on the dental industry. From startups to established practices, they help dentists attract and book more new patients.The agency was founded in 2019 by the owner and namesake of the agency, Dan Delmain. During its first three years, :Delmain has grown from a one-man shop without a single client to a team of 20 digital marketing experts serving over 100 dental clients.

The biggest contributor to our agency’s growth has been client retention. We approach every dental practice as if we are the owner and it shows in results, personalization, and communication.
Dan Delmain, :Delmain

IndustryDental Marketing
LocationPortland, Oregon

The Challenge

:Delmain chose the dental industry because they found dentists to be ambitious, growth-oriented, and believers in the power of digital marketing.However, that meant that they needed a way to showcase the work that was being done for this diligent and focused client base.

After trying several other platforms during the first year of operation, they chose AgencyAnalytics for a variety of reasons, including customer service, pricing, user interface, and strong recommendations from other marketing agencies that raved about AgencyAnalytics.

Clients found our previous reporting difficult to navigate and overwhelming. We needed a dashboard that pulled important data together, was configurable, and pretty to look at.
Dan Delmain, :Delmain

The Solution

:Delmain switched to AgencyAnalytics in 2020, a year after they began their operations. They immediately realized the benefits of saving time on client reporting, reducing the hours spent creating and sending reports from 90 minutes per client per month to less than 30 minutes. By greatly reducing time invested per client report, :Delmain now puts that time to better use like more 1:1 time with the client, mining data to determine better use of advertising spend, A/B testing to drive more customer opportunities, and improved communication with their clients.With less time going into client reporting, account managers concentrate on investing more energy into every client email, phone call, meeting, and interaction.

Time is a precious commodity and when you get someone back time, everyone wins, including the client, the company, and the individual.
Dan Delmain, :Delmain

The Result

AgencyAnalytics helps :Delmain support clients at their level, whether they want a deep dive or an overview, they get everything they need in a single interface. Clients find the platform intuitive, and they know this because all of the feedback about :Delmain's reporting has been positive since making the switch to AgencyAnalytics.One piece of advice that :Delmain would give to other marketing agencies is that less is more when it comes to client reporting. Stick to high-level, pertinent data versus getting bogged down in the minutia. This, they believe, leads to happier and healthier client relationships.

Between ease of use, user interface, configuration, and customer support, AgencyAnalytics is the industry gold standard in reporting software. We’ll be customers for life!
Dan Delmain, :Delmain

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