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Joshua George and his team at ClickSlice use AgencyAnalytics to deliver high-impact SEO results to clients based in the UK.
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Using AgencyAnalytics has helped us to win back billable time. The team focuses less on admin tasks and more on running campaigns. The more we focus on clients, the better the results.
Joshua George, ClickSlice

The Client

Founded in 2016 by Joshua George, ClickSlice quickly established itself as a standout SEO agency in the heart of London, UK. His deep expertise and passion for SEO have been pivotal in setting the agency apart in the bustling city.

ClickSlice's evolution from a solo venture to a robust team of 12 mirrors their commitment to delivering traffic and meaningful conversions for clients. Their approach is meticulously crafted for the eCommerce and SaaS industries, focusing on real business impacts. 

One of their notable achievements is providing SEO training for the UK government, which also solidified their agency’s reputation.

Our SEO process is unique. Instead of just producing a random amount of content and backlinks, we base our SEO strategy on a proven blueprint. We also practice what we preach and rank #1 for tons of SEO-related terms in London. Ranking for competitive terms yourself is a solid strategy to drastically increase your sales close rate.
Joshua George, ClickSlice

IndustrySEO, PPC
LocationLondon, UK

The Challenge

ClickSlice faced a common but significant hurdle: Efficiently managing client reporting. As the client base grew, so did their reporting demands. 

Their previous process involved taking screenshots and pasting them into a document. While it worked for a while, it became unsustainable for their growing client roster. They needed a reporting solution to streamline this process, enhance productivity, and free up billable time. 

Data transparency was an additional and equally important priority for ClickSlice. The agency wanted a way to keep clients in the loop instead of waiting for an end-of-month reporting period to roll around. 

We previously used a Google Doc to add screenshots from Google Analytics and other platforms manually. Then, we delivered this manually each month, which was eating into my team’s time.
Joshua George, ClickSlice

The Solution

ClickSlice came across AgencyAnalytics via a popular SEO group on Facebook. Adopting the reporting solution quickly helped their agency free up billable time to focus on other things, like relationship building and campaign management. 

For ClickSlice, a standout feature was the platform’s customizability. The white-label features of AgencyAnalytics allowed complete control over report and dashboard appearances, catering to the specific needs of their clientele. 

This flexibility–coupled with exceptional customer support and access to over 80 integrations–solidified the decision to make AgencyAnalytics their go-to reporting platform. 

Having the option to add integrations on AgencyAnalytics always gives us reassurance. If we decide to grow and expand services, we already have a tool that’s ready to grow with us.
Joshua George, ClickSlice

The Result

The switch to AgencyAnalytics marked a significant turning point for ClickSlice. The benefits were substantial – comprehensive and professional reports, increased client satisfaction, and improved client retention. 

ClickSlice now has more time to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of SEO – 420 additional hours per year, to be exact.  The impact of AgencyAnalytics on ClickSlice's bottom line was clear, as they’ve saved over £14,700 annually. 

Revenue aside, this agency's increased operational focus had another effect. Their improved reporting process attracted new clients and even prompted existing ones to onboard new services. The result? Happy clients, new business opportunities, and sustainable agency growth.

Time-saving has easily allowed us to generate another six figures in revenue. On average, we upsell our existing clients every six months and have the resources to do so. No one is wasting all those hours in reporting anymore.
Joshua George, ClickSlice
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From Zero to Hero: The Incredible Rise of a London SEO Agency!

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