Drip Email Marketing Dashboard

Want an easy way to identify which funnels are driving the most revenue? This powerful client reporting platform automatically generates dashboards and reports with all of your clients’ critical lead metrics, saving you time while staying on top of your growth goals.
drip campaign live dashboard template

Monitor Subscriber Growth

Track active and unsubscribed user counts to show the growth of your client’s lead pipeline

Visibility into Subscriber Metrics

Monitor the overall and individual lead score based on user engagement

Showcase Lifetime Revenue Potential

Highlight the lifetime revenue generated by Drip subscribers and tags to identify high-value contacts and funnels

Full-picture Reporting

Visually represent your clients’ data from all their marketing channels in one place


Seamless Client Reporting That Showcases Revenue

Connect a client’s Drip account to the AgencyAnalytics’ powerful reporting platform and watch as their real-time Drip data–like Lifetime Value, Tag performance, and Subscriber Count–aggregates into live marketing dashboards. Turn your Drip dashboards into custom white-labeled reports your clients will actually enjoy. 

drip campaign live dashboard showing total subscribers and lifetime value
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Drip Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Active Status
    • Base Lead Score
    • Date
    • Lead Score
    • Lifetime Value
    • Prospect Count
    • Total Subscribers
    • Unsubscribed Status

    Showcase Your Lead Data

    Track detailed subscriber metrics like lead status, active, and unsubscribes in your live Drip dashboards. Adjust your campaigns to retain more customers. Showcase how you are bringing in leads to your clients’ business. Calculate Lifetime Value to set better targets.

    drip live marketing dashboard showing active and unsubscribed users

    Calculate Lifetime Revenue Potential

    See which campaigns and funnels are driving the most revenue, and identify high-value contacts for your clients. Using Drip tags, get a clear picture of lifetime program value to measure how well your clients’ automation campaigns are performing, highlighting the value your agency is bringing to the table and use data this to set cost per lead targets that drive positive ROI.

    drip live dashboard showing average lifetime value

    Combine the Power of Your Clients’ Marketing Channels

    View Drip subscriber metrics straight from your AgencyAnalytics account and show how your clients’ marketing automation campaigns are contributing to their overall performance. Choose from 80 different marketing channels to connect all your clients’ marketing campaigns from one place, saving you countless hours each month.

    drip live campaign dashboard template

    Custom White Labeled Client Reporting

    Take advantage of white labeled reports and dashboards with your agency's brand colors and logo to create professional client reports every time. Consistently show how your agency is tracking towards its goals for each client.

    white label features

    Your Agency Management Tool

    Manage your entire agency by choosing who gets to see what. Assign tasks to your team members and even create logins to client-facing dashboards so that your more hands-on clients have access to their live data 24/7. When everyone is on the same page, you save time on the back-and-forth conversations to focus on the marketing creative.

    agency management tool features

    Connect the Drip integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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