HubSpot Dashboards & Client Reporting

Monitor and share HubSpot analytics, marketing, and CRM data alongside all of your agency's other channels.
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HubSpot Analytics

Monitor trends, highlight conversions, & report on website engagement

HubSpot CRM Data

All of your clients' HubSpot contacts shown by type, source, & across time

HubSpot Email Campaigns

Optimize campaigns, & showcase your agency's mailing list growth & outreach work

All-In-One Agency Solution

HubSpot plus 50+ integrations, automated reports, unlimited users, & powerful agency tools

The All-In-One Solution for Agencies Using HubSpot

HubSpot Is Just The Beginning

Need a one-stop agency reporting solution? AgencyAnalytics puts HubSpot data alongside powerful SEO tools, and integrates with all of your other digital marketing channels. Save time, impress clients, and handle all of your reporting and daily workflow in a single white labeled platform.

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Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available HubSpot Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Amount
    • Bounce Rate
    • Clickthrough Per View
    • Closed Amount
    • Companies
    • Completions
    • Completions And Unenrolls
    • Contact Submissions
    • Contact To Customer Rate
    • Contacts
    • CTA Clicks
    • CTA Rate
    • CTA Views
    • Customer Conversion Rate
    • Customers
    • Date
    • Deals
    • Engagements
    • Entrances
    • Evangelists
    • Exit Rate
    • Exits
    • Forecast Amount
    • Installs
    • Interactions
    • Leads
    • Leads Per View
    • New Visitor Session Rate
    • Non Contact Submissions
    • Opportunities
    • Opportunitys
    • Page Views
    • Pageviews Per Session
    • Projected Amount
    • Returning Visits
    • Session To Contact Rate
    • Submissions
    • Submissions Per Clickthrough
    • Submissions Per View
    • Subscribers
    • Time On Page
    • Time Per Session
    • View To Contact Rate
    • View To Customer Rate
    • View To Submission Rate
    • Views
    • Visibles
    • Visitors
    • Visits
    Custom Drag-And-Drop Dashboards For Agencies

    Live HubSpot Dashboards

    Monitor all of your agency's marketing and SEO work the easy way with AgencyAnalytics. Browse live HubSpot dashboards, and switch between clients in seconds. Give your entire team access, and let clients log in for their own updates. You'll have full control over what each user can see.

    Custom white labelled reports shown on a phone and tablet
    Highly Customizable & Super Fast Client Reports

    Powerful HubSpot Reporting

    Our report builder will save your time and impress your clients. Build HubSpot reports in an instant, add data from any other integration, then automatically send them daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Customize each page in a feature-packed editor, and add notes, images, or custom data.

    Custom dashboard integration
    HubSpot Contacts in Reports & Dashboards

    Detailed HubSpot CRM Data

    HubSpot CRM data at your fingertips. Pull in all contacts and lifecycle stages. Keep track of leads, customers, and opportunities, with contacts shown by source and across time. Clients can access their full contact list, and your agency can highlight exactly how you're growing their customer base.

    hubspot analytics integration
    Report On HubSpot Analytics Like Never Before

    HubSpot Web Analytics

    Present web traffic data that makes intuitive sense to clients. Our HubSpot dashboards give you full control over how you share traffic, engagements, all-important conversion rates, and more! Customize everything your clients see, and give your team access to deep HubSpot traffic analytics.

    HubSpot Channels Report Widget
    Showcase Your Agency's Email Outreach

    HubSpot Email Reporting

    Running HubSpot email campaigns? We've got you covered. Monitor and share email engagements, open and click rates, bounces, delivery confirmations, and a lot more. We help you report all of your agency's email work to clients.

    hubspot reporting tool
    Your Agency's Logo, Colors, URL & More

    White Labeled For Your Brand

    Put your agency's branding front-and-center on all dashboards and reports. Fully white label our platform for clients, to show your agency's logo and color scheme. Clients can log in from your agency's website, and can receive automated email reports from your agency's domain.

    Add Your Own Branding To Your Customizable SEO Reporting Software
    The All-In-One Agency Platform

    Powerful Tools For Agencies

    A holistic platform designed specifically for SEO and digital marketing agencies. Unlimited reports, unlimited users, a full suite of agency tools, and 80+ integrations. Everything wrapped in an intuitive white label interface that puts your agency first. Gain time, impress clients, save money, and level up your agency today.

    Client & Staff User Account Options

    Connect the HubSpot integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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