Google Business Profile Reporting

Whether your clients are looking for business insights into consumer behavior or simply want to show off your agency's progress, Google Business Profile Reporting is the perfect solution. Provide clients with professional, custom SEO reports and marketing dashboards. Track & showcase every KPI from one easy-to-use platform with accurate data that’s populated in real time.

Google Business Profile Reporting Template

Search Metrics

Analyze direct vs. discovery searches, searches over time, and more

Visitor Actions

Highlight clicks to website, requests for directions, and more

Phone Calls

Track phone call trends by date or by hour to optimize future campaigns

Ratings & Reviews

Monitor customer sentiment by analyzing GBP ratings & reviews

How do visitors find your client's page?

Data Rich, Search-Based KPIs

Provide clients with a wealth of local search data. Include metrics such as direct vs. discovery searches, search vs. map views, and historical searches/views of their local business listing by date. Give clients valuable business insights by comparing recent trends with previous periods and monitor broad changes in your client’s target market.

A collage of Google Business Profile insights showing Google search-based KPIs
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Google Business Profile Performance Metrics

Easily incorporate these top GBP metrics into your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Average Rating
    • Bookings
    • Call Clicks
    • Conversations
    • Date
    • Direction Requests
    • Field Status
    • Food Menu Clicks
    • Food Orders
    • Impressions
    • Impressions Desktop Maps
    • Impressions Desktop Search
    • Impressions Mobile Maps
    • Impressions Mobile Search
    • Interactions
    • Reviews
    • Website Clicks
    What actions are visitors taking?

    Measure Customer Engagement

    While searches and views are crucial, customer engagement is the next step in any GBP page conversion funnel. Measure customer actions, including website clicks, requests for directions, and phone calls. Demonstrate your agency’s value by communicating exactly how their audience is engaging with their business online.

    A collage of Google My Business customer engagement metrics
    Analyze Individual and Aggregate Reviews

    Google Ratings & Reviews

    Measure audience sentiment for your clients with Google ratings and reviews. Show clients their average rating and all reviews in a given time period. Even better, watch reviews as they're generated in real time with the feed-style reviews dashboard.

    A collage of Google My Business rating and reviews
    Built for multi-location clients

    Combine Multiple Locations

    Are your clients managing multiple different business locations? Plug them all into one dashboard or report! With AgencyAnalytics,  combine Google Business Profile pages: display aggregated data, or filter widgets for one specific location in one streamlined dashboard or report. Give your clients a full overview of their local search performance.

    An example of GMB location metric combinations
    Outrank the local competition

    Google Business Profile Rank Tracking

    Add your client's GBP pages to the powerful keyword rank tracker to monitor daily changes on both Google Maps and the local 3-pack. Then, report on their keyword ranking gains and losses, and get ahead of the SEO game to boost your client's organic traffic.

    Google Business Profile Rank Tracking Report
    Share and Monitor All Posts

    Google Business Profile Posts

    Is your client using GBP posts to promote events, special offers, or generate more customer engagement? Easily share and monitor all of their posts - including the post status, post content, and images. Give clients access to a 24/7 live dashboard, so they're always up to date!

    An example of Google Business Profile post data

    We were wasting so much time setting up and editing reports for clients each month using Google Data Studio. Our team of account managers hated it. We were blown away once we started using AgencyAnalytics. The responsiveness and speed of the platform are amazing.

    Lee Wallis
    Lee Wallis

    Excite Media

    Connect the Google Business Profile integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

    Give Clients Their Own Login

    Customized Client Dashboards

    Clients want data on their schedule, even if that means 3 am the night before a big business presentation. Put an end to those frantic, late-night client emails and give your customers a customized SEO dashboard with all their GBP Performance Metrics. Best of all, you choose exactly what data points they see in their live dashboard. Combine other marketing platforms your clients are using, such as Google Analytics, to optimize their complete local search campaigns.

    Custom GBP Reporting Dashboard
    Automated GBP Reporting

    Automated Google Business Profile Reporting Tool

    Show clients their Google Business Profile Reporting data in intuitive reports, alongside all their other important marketing channels. Customize reports in seconds, then schedule them to send on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. AgencyAnalytics makes automated client reporting fast, powerful, and easy for marketing agencies of all sizes.

    Automated Google Business Profile Reporting Tool
    Your logo, your color scheme, your URL

    White Label Google Business Profile Reporting

    Create a seamless branding experience with a fully white labeled interface. Use your marketing agency’s logo and color scheme on dashboards and reports, and have clients log in with your custom-made URL. Streamline your reporting processes and impress clients with white labeled reporting software.

    An example of white label tools available in AgencyAnalytics
    Create Custom Marketing Dashboards

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way

    We get it. You like to build client reports your own way. With a full suite of customizable widgets, custom metrics, the annotations & goals feature, and a drag-and-drop report builder, you have everything you need to make the ideal GBP report that clients will love.

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way

    Customer Support Is Our Top Priority

    At AgencyAnalytics, we’re committed to helping your agency succeed. Through our dedicated customer support team, you have all the assistance you need to effectively use your automated reporting software and deliver top-notch marketing reports to your clients.

    Accessible 24/5, our live chat support is renowned for lightning-fast response times, usually under 3 minutes, ensuring you're never kept waiting. But speed isn't our only virtue–we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our service, reflected in our customer satisfaction ratings consistently soaring above 95%.

    Best in Class Customer Support
    Save Time and Increase Client Retention

    Report Smarter, Not Harder

    Go beyond a Google Business Profile insights by automatically including the most critical marketing metrics from over 75 other data sources in a comprehensive white label reporting platform.

    Combine platform-specific data with website behavior from Google Analytics, Google search metrics from Search Console, and more to create an end-to-end reporting system that wows clients.

    Customize report templates and the Google Business Profile Insights dashboard and quickly clone them to streamline client onboarding and improve client retention.

    Stop Wasting Time with Manual Reporting

    Better, Faster Client Reporting Is Just a Few Clicks Away!

    AgencyAnalytics is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies our reporting to our clients. Time is the most important thing that we have as a services business. The more time we can give back to our strategists, the more clients they can manage. This benefits everybody.

    Rocky Pedden
    Rocky Pedden / President

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