Rocky Pedden,
President at RevenueZen

RevenueZen uses AgencyAnalytics to create reports that clearly communicate the value their agency brings to their B2B clients.
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Choosing the right reporting software is so important. It simplifies what our clients are looking at in order to understand our agency’s value.
Rocky Pedden, RevenueZen

The Client

Rocky Pedden and Alex Boyd became acquainted while they both worked at a SaaS startup in Portland. Boyd officially launched RevenueZen in 2017, and Pedden joined him shortly after. 

Their eight full-time employees work with B2B clients in various industries across the U.S. They focus on building their clients’ online presence with marketing strategies that also grow their bottom-line revenue.

RevenueZen specializes in SEO services, growing their clients’ LinkedIn presence, and helping clients understand their CRM data to help make better-informed decisions with their marketing and sales budgets.

I don’t know of anybody who likes getting hundreds of cold emails in their inbox every morning, so we wanted to help our clients show up in the places where their products/services are the solution to another’s problem.
Rocky Pedden, RevenueZen

LocationOregon, USA

The Challenge

When RevenueZen opened its doors in 2017, they wanted to help brands launch honest marketing strategies. They wanted their clients to be recognized for the legitimate campaigns and marketing messages that were uncommon in the industries they serve. At the time, RevenueZen saw a lot of marketing agencies offering strategies that made their clients’ businesses look untrustworthy and spammy. 

But in order to communicate the value in honest, credible marketing strategies, RevenueZen had to find a way to offer differentiating services from others in their market. Boyd and Pedden knew there was a large piece of the marketing puzzle that many competing marketing agencies were missing. They wanted to access clients’ CRM software. 

RevenueZen knew that if they could get access to a client’s CRM software, they could connect the dots between marketing and sales and communicate their agency’s value. Then, it was a matter of training their team to talk about marketing results through the lens of business success and not through marketing metric jargon. 

By connecting CRM dashboards and data from GA and GSC, our clients understand not only how we have provided value, but what other areas are also providing value for their business.
Rocky Pedden, RevenueZen

The Solution

The RevenueZen team needed client reporting software that would combine their B2B client’s CRM software and other marketing platforms. When they began their search for their client reporting solution, they had specific pain points they wanted to address. 

First, being able to connect their client’s CRM software and other marketing platforms in one centralized location was a top priority.

Second, the reporting tool had to be easy for their internal team to use. They did not want to hire a full-time strategist dedicated to client reporting. 

Third, they needed a solution that would be efficient. Their team was previously creating dashboards in Google Data Studio (GDS), but it was very messy and time-consuming, often failing to load data.  

Fourth, the client reports and marketing dashboards had to be something their clients could look at and easily understand. Their previous GDS client reports were not intuitive for their clients.

By choosing a tool that fulfilled these requirements, we’ve managed to simplify our reporting processes. Time is the most important thing that we have as a services business. The more time we have to service clients means the more clients each strategist can serve. This benefits everybody.
Rocky Pedden, RevenueZen

The Result

With the time RevenueZen saves on building client reports and marketing dashboards, they spend more time delivering high-quality services to their clients. 

The team loves using templates and cloning capabilities, so they don’t have to worry about setting up a new report every month or when they onboard with a new client. They also incorporate annotations on graphs within their reports to highlight important milestones and text boxes to communicate the wins the team is achieving for their client. 

Rocky Pedden’s advice for other agency leaders:

“It’s really easy to overdo it with any reporting tool. Keep it easy and simple.” 

RevenueZen thrives with AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting software, as it's user-friendly for their team and clients and streamlines their entire reporting process.

The more time we can give back to our strategists, the more clients they can manage, the more money they can make (we have a revenue share compensation plan), and the more money the agency makes.
Rocky Pedden, RevenueZen
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