Deniz Doganay,
Managing Director at Digital Debut

Digital Debut uses AgencyAnalytics to save time reporting across a variety of their client’s marketing channels in one streamlined platform.
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Deniz Doganay, Managing Director at Digital Debut
AgencyAnalytics has saved not only saved us a lot of time, but our clients are also easily able to understand their reports and appreciate the work we do for them.
Deniz Doganay, Digital Debut

The Client

Digital Debut provides digital marketing solutions to a variety of clients in Australia and beyond. 

After seeing competing agencies in their local market make promises they cannot deliver on, the Digital Debut team decided to take a different approach. They believe their transparency is what keeps their clients loyal.  

Their full-service agency delivers results to 100 clients and enjoys seeing their agency grow alongside their client’s businesses.

We never lock clients into any contracts. Instead, we believe if we can provide them with results during the first few months of their campaign, they will continue to work with us without feeling like they’re being held hostage in a contract.
Deniz Doganay, Digital Debut


The Challenge

Digital Debut realized soon after launching the agency that the resources required to provide professional client reports were going to impact the agency’s ability to scale. Even with the fewer clients they had in the early days, they were finding it difficult to keep up with client reporting across multiple marketing channels. 

They were using a variety of tools with a combination of excel documents that was costing their agency a lot of time every month. Doganay recognized these reports were a reflection of his agency and needed something that not only presented data more professionally but in a way that was easy for clients to understand.

We used a combination of reporting platforms and excel documents. Everything looked inconsistent and messy and we ended up spending a lot of time explaining data to our clients.
Deniz Doganay, Digital Debut

The Solution

Because Digital Debut’s clients advertise on a variety of different platforms, they needed a solution that had access to multiple integrations. With the proper integrations in place, it would save the team time from jumping from each platform to manually report the data their clients wanted to see. 

It was important to Doganay that his team spend more time communicating with clients and assessing their needs, which helps with customer retention.

We were looking for clean presentable reporting options that wouldn’t overwhelm our customers with too much data. AgencyAnalytics allows us to select what interactions and data to show in our reports in a clean, easy-to-read format.
Deniz Doganay, Digital Debut

The Result

After implementing AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting software, the Digital Debut team is able to focus on being proactive and innovative to not only grow their business but also their clients’. 

They now send professional-looking reports to their clients that uphold their own brand standards while saving time and money every month. 

By using AgencyAnayltics for their client reporting, the team is now able to prepare all of their client’s important metrics within the first week of the month and send off professional-looking reports that reflect their agency’s brand identity. This improvement in efficiency has helped them onboard more clients and continue to scale their agency.

Some advice that Doganay would offer other agencies is to be mindful of the time your team is spending on reporting. He says AgencyAnalaytics has prevented his team from wasting time playing around with spreadsheets and screenshots and puts that saved time into working on client campaigns. 

Saving time is great. But sending a nice, clean, professional report to our customers reflects the image of our company. AgencyAnalytics reports are not only professional but also help our clients appreciate the work we are doing for them.
Deniz Doganay, Digital Debut

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