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It’s Here: Integrate Multiple Google My Business Pages!

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics
Oct 23
Oct 23, 2019
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You asked for it, and it's here... Connect multiple Google My Business pages in each campaign! Plus, we've made integration management even easier.

First up, we have a big update for agencies who monitor Google My Business insights and reviews for location-based clients.

You can now combine up to ten of your client's Google My Business locations in a single campaign, to pull in aggregate data on all locations, or see data for one specific page.

This update has been a long time coming, and it has actually required some extra behind-the-scenes work to make happen. Thanks for everyone's patience while our team worked on this, we're thrilled to finally release it!

Connecting multiple Google My Business pages is easy!

Our Google My Business update is available in your account right now. Here's how to add multiple different pages to a campaign:

Click the settings slider at the top right of your Google My Business dashboard, then choose the pencil icon to edit your integration.

From there, you'll have the option to choose the exact Google My Business pages to connect. When you're done, just click save.

Once set up, you'll be able to show combined data from all of your chosen Google My Business pages throughout our platform. This includes data on searches, directions, calls, views, and ratings, plus all of the reviews that your clients have received across your chosen date range.

Just note that you'll need to be managing all business locations from within one Google account for them to be combined.

Need to quickly filter for one specific Google My Business page?


On your Google My Business dashboard, just click the settings slider at the top right. Choose one specific location, or select "All Locations".

You can also toggle report and dashboard widgets to show data from one specific Google My Business page, or for all pages combined. Simply use the report widget settings or custom dashboard widget settings to do so.

Don't forget that you can also connect multiple different Google My Business pages in our rankings dashboard, for organic rank tracking purposes (see here for instructions).

Want more?

We've also added a new integrations management dashboard!

Along with today's Google My Business update, you'll also notice a brand new integrations dashboard available in each campaign!

Click the "Integrations" option in a campaign's left side menu to see all of your available integrations on one screen. You can filter by integration type, and also use the search box to quickly find what you need.

Our new integrations dashboard is designed to help you set up and manage each client faster than ever. Just click on any integration to connect, disconnect, or edit the integration whenever you need.

We've got even more updates planned very soon, so stay tuned for more announcements! Questions or feedback? Reach out to our friendly support team, or comment below.

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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