TikTok Reporting

Track likes, comments, shares, video views, and lots more for all your clients' TikTok accounts, in a single platform. Quickly spot trends in their TikTok marketing data, and report on performance over time.
Track likes, comments, shares, video views, and lots more for all your clients' TikTok accounts, all in a single platform. Quickly spot trends in their TikTok marketing data, and display performance over time.

Track Growth

Report on how many TikTok profile views and followers your clients are earning from your efforts

Measure Engagement

Track engagement on your clients’ TikTok accounts, including likes, comments, shares, & video views

Monitor Demographics

View your clients’ followers by country and gender to better understand their audience

Boost Your Impact

Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven insights from your top-performing TikToks


Prove Growth is Happening

Monitoring the growth of your clients' TikTok profile views and followers is a key part of gauging their social media impact. Top level account growth is always something clients like to see. And by tracking and analyzing these metrics alongside TikTok engagement metrics, your agency also gains insights to optimize content and targeting, directly influencing audience growth and engagement.

Track and report on TikTok follower and video view growth for your clients.
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available TikTok Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your marketing dashboards and client reports
    • Average Time Watched
    • Caption
    • Comments
    • Create Time
    • Date
    • Estimated Total Watches
    • Follower Country Percentages
    • Follower Gender Percentages
    • Followers Count
    • Full Video Watched Rate
    • Likes
    • Profile Views
    • Reach
    • Shares
    • Thumbnail URL
    • Total Followers Count
    • Total Time Watched
    • Video Duration
    • Video Views
    • Viewer Country Percentages
    • Viewer Impression Source Percentages

    Make TikTok Content That Connects

    You can put a ton of time and energy into making TikTok videos, but if your client’s audience doesn’t engage with them, then you’ve likely missed the mark. Stay on top of what resonates by reporting on engagement metrics, including video views, likes, shares, and comments. Understand exactly what engages your client’s audience and keep creating and reporting on TikTok content that connects.

    Report on TikTok engagement metrics to understand which content resonates most with your client's audience.

    Craft TikToks for the Right Audience

    Your client’s TikTok audience should mirror the audience driving the most revenue for them—their ideal customer base. Otherwise, you’re speaking to the wrong crowd. Track and report on TikTok demographics metrics to make sure your content is serving the right audience.

    Track and report on TikTok demographics metrics like Followers by Country and Gender.

    Get Specific With Your Social Data

    It’s great to report on your client’s TikTok growth, and with AgencyAnalytics, it’s easy to combine and report on performance metrics across multiple platforms. Show your client their total follower growth across TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn, for example. Or display their total engagement across all social platforms. The sky’s the limit with Custom Metrics!

    Combine and report on performance metrics across multiple social media platforms.

    AgencyAnalytics has been a game changer for reporting. It allows us to provide our clients with real-time dashboards whilst saving our account managers many hours a month on client reports. This time is now helping our agency operate more efficiently whilst improving the quality of our client reporting.

    Andy Hill
    Andy Hill / Founder
    Distribute Digital

    Connect the TikTok integration in seconds to streamline your social media reporting.


    24/7 Access to Complete Social Media Dashboards

    TikTok is just one piece of the social media marketing and reporting puzzle. No need to log in and out of dozens of different platforms or data sources. Use AgencyAnalytics to pull and display metrics from all the platforms your client uses to engage with their audience. Highlight where growth is happening and prove the impact of your agency’s efforts. And make it all available 24/7 on-demand by granting custom access permissions to your staff and your clients.

    Example of the Drag-and-Drop Social Media Report Builder

    Track More Than Just Social Metrics

    TikTok reporting is made simple with AgencyAnalytics—but chances are you’re using lots of other great platforms to market for your clients too!  Integrate data and KPIs from TikTok, social platforms, and metrics across over 80 marketing channels in one dashboard. Report on metrics from PPC, SEO, Ecommerce, call tracking, email, and more.

    A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software

    White Label Your TikTok Dashboards & Reports

    Data is what really matters when it comes to great reporting—but great aesthetics never hurt either! AgencyAnalytics offers a selection of white label features to apply logos, exact brand colors, and more that make TikTok reports sleek, professional, and all your own. Send reports on a regular schedule or provide users with 24/7 access to live reporting dashboards.

    Fully white label your BigCommerce dashboards and reports.

    Report Smarter & Faster

    Optimize your agency's reporting process by transitioning from labor-intensive manual tasks to automated reporting. This switch enhances your business operations and liberates essential resources, letting your team focus on revenue-generating tasks and improving client outcomes. Automate your reporting process to save hours every month and eliminate the need for switching between platforms.

    Smarter Client Reporting Platform

    Discover the All-in-One Reporting Tool Trusted by 6,500+ Marketing Agencies

    AgencyAnalytics has completely transformed our reporting process, making it more efficient and professional. We love the ability to white label reports with our branding and colors, and the ease of use has been a game-changer. Overall, the platform has been a huge asset for our agency.

    Adam Binder
    Adam Binder / Founder & CEO
    Creative Click Media

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