TikTok Ads Reporting

Track the performance of TikTok Ads with granular performance metrics and automated reporting. Combine your TikTok Ads data with other paid advertising channels in a custom PPC dashboard for a holistic view of all your marketing efforts. Eliminate the need to log into TikTok Ads Manager each time.
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Automate TikTok Ads Manager Reporting

Win back valuable time by using our full suite of report automation tools

Optimize Campaign Performance

Quickly and easily extract actionable insights to get the most from TikTok for business

Improve Client Retention

With a customizable and fully white-labeled reporting platform, your agency's brand is always front and center

Cross-campaign Reporting

With over 80 marketing platforms to choose from, showcase your client’s TikTok business data alongside related metrics

Track important metrics and KPIs

Monitor TikTok Ads Performance

Track performance at scale by breaking down data into campaigns, ad groups, ads, and demographics. Use this information to understand exactly which campaigns are driving results for your clients. Managing your client's TikTok business accounts has never been easier.

TikTok Ads Analytics Reporting
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available TikTok Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Ad ID
    • Ad Name
    • Ad Text
    • Adgroup ID
    • Adgroup Name
    • Average Video Play
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Clicks
    • Comments
    • Conversion Rate
    • Conversions
    • Cost Per Conversion
    • Cost Per Result
    • CPC
    • CPM
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Follows
    • Impressions
    • Likes
    • Profile Visits
    • Reach
    • Result Rate
    • Results
    • Shares
    • Spend
    • Video Play Actions
    • Video Views P100
    • Video Views P25
    • Video Views P50
    • Video Views P75
    Gain Insights Into Your Audience

    Track Demographics Data for TikTok Business Accounts

    TikTok for business is more than a couple of fun videos. Gain insight into your client's audience with detailed demographics data, including their age, gender, country, and OS. Remove the guesswork from your audience analysis. Use precise data from TikTok Ads Manager to understand which demographic is driving conversions for clients.

    TikTok Ads Reporting
    Create Custom Reports In Seconds

    Access Cross-Platform PPC Reporting

    TikTok Ads are just the beginning. Get started with a custom PPC report or dashboard to compare your client's advertising performance from Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Use this data to show clients exactly which ad platform is delivering the highest ROAS. Log into your client's TikTok business account and sync it with AgencyAnalytics. It's that simple.

    PPC reporting dashboard
    Easy-to-Use Automated Reporting

    Automate Your Client Reporting in Minutes

    With a full suite of report automation tools, you have everything you need to streamline and scale your agency. Schedule reports to go out daily, weekly, or monthly, or choose to give your clients access to a 24/7 live dashboard with all their data. No need to log into their TikTok Ads Manager each time!

    An example of the AgencyAnalytics report scheduling feature for automated marketing reports
    Create Dashboards Your Own Way

    Create Fully Customized Dashboards

    We get it; you like to create client reports and dashboards your own way. Plus, your clients use more than just TikTik for business. Get started with full suite of customizable widgets, drag-and-drop editor, and white label capabilities. You've got everything needed to call this platform your own.

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
    No More Manual Reporting

    Save Time, Streamline, & Scale Your Agency

    Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual reporting and focus on the most high-value tasks for your clients. Find out how one agency was able to save $180k+ each year with AgencyAnalytics.

    An agency management tool to save you time and streamline your business.

    Connect the TikTok Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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