John Reserva,
Dilate Digital’s Head of Marketing

Dilate Digital increased reporting efficiency by 50% after bringing AgencyAnalytics into its toolset.
More Efficient Reporting
Channels Consolidated
6+ Years
With AgencyAnalytics
Agency Success Story - John Reserva from Dilate Digital
AgencyAnalytics is scalable, it’s reliable, and it’s easy to use. We have growth goals in our company, and knowing that AgencyAnalytics can scale to the number of campaigns or clients we have without problems is exactly what we need moving forward.
John Reserva, Dilate Digital

The Client

Dilate Digital is a full service digital marketing agency made up of specialists who are responsible for everything from design to development to marketing. Their outcome-focused approach has helped a number of businesses around the world get in front of their target customers, engage with their audiences, and dominate their niche industries online.

IndustryDigital Marketing

The Challenge

Consolidating reports from multiple sources

Dilate Digital relies on success metrics from a wide variety of platforms to communicate its value to its clients. The agency pulls data from various social media platforms, as well as a full suite of Google products including Search Console, Google Analytics, and AdWords.

Gathering this data from multiple sources and compiling it into a comprehensive report for each client took a lot of time. Marketing Manager John Reserva wanted a simple way to consolidate his clients’ key metrics and automatically use the data to generate comprehensive reports.

We used different tools to collect key metrics from each platform. We also needed tools to consolidate all the information into reports for our clients. We just wanted one platform that could report everything
John Reserva, Dilate Digital

The Solution

One platform housing all key metrics

AgencyAnalytics is the solution John was looking for. By seamlessly integrating with all of the tools Dilate Digital already relies on, the marketing platform gathers key metrics from every channel and displays them in easy-to-understand dashboards.

All John had to do was connect a client’s portfolio (social accounts, Search Console information, ad campaigns, etc.) to AgencyAnalytics to view all of that client’s information in one place. Integration was smooth and easy, and now Dilate Digital’s account managers can easily check the real-time performance metrics of any campaign with just the click of a button.

John also appreciates that he can restrict what information each department has access to according to user types. For example, account managers who need a macro view might have full access, whereas Dilate Digital’s technical department might only have access to SEO metrics.

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We use AgencyAnalytics mainly for SEO and Google AdWords metrics. We track keyword rankings, backlinks, trust flow, citation flow, and website errors. We also track ad spend and cost per acquisition.
John Reserva, Dilate Digital

The Result

50% more efficiency compared to old platform

AgencyAnalytics has made it easy for John and his team to prepare quick, up-to-date reports for their clients. With distinct dashboards and custom reporting options for SEO, PPC, social, email, reviews, and call tracking, it’s like having the functionality of six distinct tools rolled into one.

By John’s estimation, AgencyAnalytics has increased the agency’s reporting efficiency by 50%. A few simple clicks are all clients need to customize reports to fit their needs.

The platform’s all-in-one reporting has allowed Dilate Digital to scale down its reliance on other analytics tools—which amounts to a 30% savings on software alone. Additionally, John and his team have been able to save hours every month consolidating data and compiling reports. Now, they can reinvest that time into the success of their clients.

Everyone’s time is valuable, so when I say that AgencyAnalytics made us more efficient time-wise, that equates to a cost saving for us. Now, we’re able spend more time helping our clients grow their businesses instead of just compiling reports.
John Reserva, Dilate Digital

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