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Pinterest Ad analytics dashboards. Deliver audience and engagement reports to your clients.
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Track Growth

Show clients their Pinterest Ads campaign successes

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See who's engaging (or not) with clients' Pinterest Ads campaigns

In-Depth Analytics

Monitor the performance of campaigns, ad groups, and ads

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In-depth Pinterest Ads reports for your clients

Seamless Pinterest Ads Reporting

Streamline your campaign reports with an all-in-one reporting tool. Combine Pinterest Ads with your clients' other PPC campaigns for a true look at performance. Say goodbye to screenshots, spreadsheets and hours wasted. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly delivery so clients are always up-to-date.

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Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Pinterest Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Add To Cart Clickthrough Conversion Order Value
    • Add To Cart Clickthrough Conversions
    • Add To Cart Conversion Order Value
    • Add To Cart CPA
    • Add To Cart Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Add To Cart Engagement Conversions
    • Add To Cart Roas
    • Add To Cart Viewthrough Conversion Order Value
    • Add To Cart Viewthrough Conversions
    • Category View Conversion Order Value
    • Category View CPA
    • Category View Roas
    • Checkout Clickthrough Conversion Order Value
    • Checkout Clickthrough Conversions
    • Checkout Conversion Order Value
    • Checkout CPA
    • Checkout Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Checkout Engagement Conversions
    • Checkout Roas
    • Checkout Viewthrough Conversion Order Value
    • Checkout Viewthrough Conversions
    • Completed Video Views
    • CPC
    • Cpcv
    • CPE
    • CPM
    • CPV
    • CTR
    • Custom Clickthrough Conversion Order Value
    • Custom Clickthrough Conversions
    • Custom Conversion Order Value
    • Custom CPA
    • Custom Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Custom Engagement Conversions
    • Custom Roas
    • Custom Viewthrough Conversion Order Value
    • Custom Viewthrough Conversions
    • Date
    • Earned 3sec Video Views
    • Earned CTR
    • Earned Engagements
    • Earned Impressions
    • Earned Onsite Checkouts
    • Earned Outbound Clicks
    • Earned Pin Clicks
    • Earned Save Rate
    • Earned Saves
    • Earned Video Avg Watchtime In Second
    • Earned Video P100 Complete
    • Earned Video Views
    • Ecpm
    • Engagement Rate
    • Engagements
    • Gross Impressions
    • Gross Pin Clicks
    • Gross Saves
    • Impressions
    • Lead Clickthrough Conversions
    • Lead Conversion Order Value
    • Lead CPA
    • Lead Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Lead Engagement Conversions
    • Lead Roas
    • Lead Viewthrough Conversions
    • Onsite Checkouts
    • Outbound Click
    • Page Visit Clickthrough Conversions
    • Page Visit Conversion Order Value
    • Page Visit CPA
    • Page Visit Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Page Visit Engagement Conversions
    • Page Visit Roas
    • Page Visit Viewthrough Conversions
    • Paid 3sec Video Views
    • Paid CTR
    • Paid Engagements
    • Paid Impressions
    • Paid Onsite Checkouts
    • Paid Outbound Clicks
    • Paid Pin Clicks
    • Paid Save Rate
    • Paid Saves
    • Paid Video Avg Watchtime In Second
    • Paid Video P100 Complete
    • Paid Video Views
    • Paid Web Sessions
    • Pin Clicks
    • Save Rate
    • Search Clickthrough Conversions
    • Search Conversion Order Value
    • Search CPA
    • Search Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Search Engagement Conversions
    • Search Roas
    • Search Viewthrough Conversions
    • Signup Clickthrough Conversions
    • Signup Conversion Order Value
    • Signup CPA
    • Signup Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Signup Engagement Conversions
    • Signup Roas
    • Signup Viewthrough Conversions
    • Spend
    • Total Add To Cart Conversions
    • Total Category View Conversions
    • Total Checkout Conversions
    • Total Conversion Order Value
    • Total Conversions
    • Total Conversions Quantity
    • Total Custom Conversions
    • Total Impression Frequency Conversions
    • Total Impression User Conversions
    • Total Inapp Add To Cart
    • Total Inapp Add To Cart Order Value
    • Total Inapp Checkout
    • Total Inapp Checkout Order Value
    • Total Inapp Lead
    • Total Inapp Lead Order Value
    • Total Inapp Page Visit
    • Total Inapp Page Visit Order Value
    • Total Inapp Search
    • Total Inapp Search Order Value
    • Total Inapp Signup
    • Total Inapp Signup Order Value
    • Total Inapp Unknown
    • Total Inapp Unknown Order Value
    • Total Inapp Watch Video
    • Total Inapp Watch Video Order Value
    • Total Lead Conversions
    • Total Page Visit Conversions
    • Total Search Conversions
    • Total Signup Conversions
    • Total Unknown Conversions
    • Total Video 3sec Views
    • Total Watch Video Conversions
    • Total Web Add To Cart
    • Total Web Add To Cart Order Value
    • Total Web Checkout
    • Total Web Checkout Order Value
    • Total Web Lead
    • Total Web Lead Order Value
    • Total Web Page Visit
    • Total Web Page Visit Order Value
    • Total Web Search
    • Total Web Search Order Value
    • Total Web Signup
    • Total Web Signup Order Value
    • Total Web Unknown
    • Total Web Unknown Order Value
    • Total Web Watch Video
    • Total Web Watch Video Order Value
    • Unknown Clickthrough Conversions
    • Unknown Conversion Order Value
    • Unknown CPA
    • Unknown Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Unknown Engagement Conversions
    • Unknown Roas
    • Unknown Viewthrough Conversions
    • View Category Clickthrough Conversion Order Value
    • View Category Clickthrough Conversions
    • View Category Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • View Category Engagement Conversions
    • View Category Viewthrough Conversion Order Value
    • View Category Viewthrough Conversions
    • Watch Video Clickthrough Conversions
    • Watch Video CPA
    • Watch Video Engagement Conversion Order Value
    • Watch Video Engagement Conversions
    • Watch Video Roas
    • Watch Video Viewthrough Conversions
    Delight clients with in-depth analysis of who is finding them on Pinterest

    Understand your Pinterest Audience

    Understand your audiences' age, location, gender, and affinity categories to enable you to make better-informed decisions for your clients' Pinterest Ads campaigns

    Pinterest Audience Analytics Report Example
    View Live Updates in Your Dashboard

    Live, Up-To-Date Dashboards

    Keep clients up-to-date on campaigns with their own Pinterest dashboard login. They can view their live advertising data whenever they need it!

    Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
    Unlimited Staff Accounts

    Collaborate With Your Team

    Create a "staff" login for each of your employees. Access controls allow you to restrict the campaigns each of your staff have access to. Or specify one staff to handle all your Pinterest marketing. Complete flexibility allows you to run your Agency anyway you like.

    Client & Staff User Account Options
    White Labeled Pinterest Ads Marketing Reports

    Add Your Logo & Colour Scheme

    Build your agency's brand recognition with a fully white labeled dashboard. Prominently feature your logo in the dashboard and social media reports. You can even host the dashboard on your own domain!

    Fully white label your BigCommerce dashboards and reports.
    All Your Client's Social Media Metrics

    Social Media Reporting Made Easy

    No more tedious, time-consuming, and manual reporting processes. Automatically include the most critical Pinterest Ads metrics in a comprehensive social media marketing report. Take it up a notch by creating a live social media dashboard that gives clients real-time to their marketing data, showcasing your agency's commitment to transparency.

    A screenshot of the Social Media Marketing Dashboard with highlighted engagement metrics

    Connect the Pinterest Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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