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Learn how Distribute Digital saves time and money with AgencyAnalytics, boosting client retention through streamlined, real-time reporting.
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Andy Hill Founder Distribute Digital
AgencyAnalytics has been a game-changer for reporting. It lets us provide our clients real-time dashboards while saving our account managers many hours a month on client reports.
Andy Hill, Distribute Digital

The Client

Founded in 2019 by Andy Hill, Distribute Digital is a UK-based digital marketing agency. Starting with just one person, the agency has grown to a team of 14 employees serving over 45 clients. Their mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online through responsive and tailored marketing strategies.

Like other agencies in its field, Distribute Digital faced the challenge of scaling its operations while maintaining high-quality service for a growing client base. Starting with a small team and gradually expanding as the agency took on more clients, Distribute Digital strived to deliver personalized marketing solutions that drive real results.

We work across many industries, but our clients are largely service-based businesses looking for inquiries and ecommerce clients looking to increase their online sales. We have developed a social media marketing platform for real estate agents and new home developers. This enables us to reduce time and save money through automation.
Andy Hill, Distribute Digital

IndustryService-Based Businesses, Real Estate
LocationBirmingham, UK

The Challenge

Before using AgencyAnalytics, reporting was a critical yet labor-intensive task for Distribute Digital. The team spent countless hours manually compiling data for internal tracking and client communication. This process involved gathering data from various sources, entering it into spreadsheets, and creating presentations to share with clients. 

Each report required meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy, making the task time-consuming and prone to errors. These manual reports often led to inconsistencies, which risked confusing clients and undermining their trust.

Reporting was, in equal measures, critical to our mission to provide transparent and accountable services to our clients and frustrating due to the amount of time required to pull together meaningful performance data for our clients. The time spent compiling reports is time that could be better spent delivering more value to our clients.
Andy Hill, Distribute Digital

The Solution

AgencyAnalytics provided a user-friendly platform that significantly streamlined the reporting process for Distribute Digital. The platform's intuitive interface and extensive range of integrations allowed the team to generate comprehensive reports quickly and efficiently. By connecting all necessary marketing data sources, the platform ensured that all client metrics were accurately captured and easily accessible.

With AgencyAnalytics, Distribute Digital reduced the risk of human error and ensured consistency across all reports. This automation saved time and allowed the team to focus on analyzing the data rather than compiling it. The drag-and-drop report builder and customizable dashboards made it simple to tailor reports to meet each client's needs.

The platform's white labeling capabilities enabled Distribute Digital to maintain its brand identity in all client communications. The agency could deliver a professional and cohesive client experience by customizing reports with their branding. This level of customization, combined with the platform's ease of use, resulted in higher client satisfaction and retention.

AgencyAnalytics provided great support to help us get the most from their platform. It was easy to onboard our clients, and having a real-time dashboard that could pull in data from every data source we needed was a game-changer. We believe in delivering transparent value to our clients, and AgencyAnalytics as a platform makes this possible.
Andy Hill, Distribute Digital

The Result

Switching to AgencyAnalytics has saved Distribute Digital 66 hours each month, allowing them to focus on client retention and growth. The significant time savings translate to a monthly cost reduction of £2,640, enabling the agency to reallocate resources towards more strategic initiatives.

Clients now benefit from real-time data access to monitor the progress of their marketing campaigns. Detailed and transparent reports are consistently accurate and up-to-date, and clients are empowered to make more informed decisions about their marketing strategies and investments.

The streamlined reporting process has also contributed to higher client retention rates. By automating the reporting tasks, the team at Distribute Digital now dedicates more time to engaging with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering personalized marketing solutions.

Retention is everything. We need to demonstrate our value to our clients by delivering ROI. AgencyAnalytics helps us report on the value we deliver in a clear and concise way while saving us time each month.
Andy Hill, Distribute Digital

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