Google Search Console Report Template

Streamline SEO performance reporting with a Google Search Console report template. Impress clients with clear, actionable insights into their website's organic performance, all within minutes. This pre-built template helps agencies quickly identify ranking opportunities, demonstrate the value of SEO efforts, and secure client buy-in for continued growth.
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Why Your Agency Needs a Google Search Console Report Template

Tired of piecing together Google Search Console data for client reports? This professional GSC report template transforms raw data into a strategic tool for client engagement. Stop wasting time manually gathering and formatting SEO metrics–automate your client reporting and free up your team to focus on strategic client growth. 

Compare performance with ease and identify hidden growth opportunities. Then, generate crystal-clear reports with actionable insights that impress clients and build trust.

The GSC report template streamlines client reporting as your agency grows, allowing you to focus on driving results, not laboring over tedious data manipulation.  

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11 Key Sections Included in a Google Search Console Report

1. Cover Page

Creating a professional, branded report cover page sets the tone for the entire report. It should grab the client's attention and reinforce your agency's identity and professionalism.

GSC report cover example

The report cover page should also clearly indicate the strategy being covered, such as the broader SEO or SEM performance, or specific channel. Also, include the reporting period so the client knows the exact date range (e.g. monthly, quarterly, or campaign-specific) reflected inside the report.

A well-designed cover signals to readers that the contents are equally thoughtful and meticulously prepared, increasing the perceived value and credibility of the information presented. 

2. Executive Summary 

Including an executive summary at the beginning of a report template provides a concise overview of the key findings and strategic insights. Whether the focus is narrow, such as specific analytics from GSC, or broad, covering overarching SEO strategies, an executive summary allows decision-makers to grasp the essence of the report quickly.

A screenshot of the Report Summary example from the SEO Report Template

Craft the report summary in a way that distills complex data into accessible insights. Here are a few best practices to ensure clarity and relevance:

  • Highlight Key Metrics: Focus on key Google Search Console metrics that reflect performance in search engines.

  • Contextualize Google Search Results: Relate data to specific objectives, illustrating how results impact overall strategy.

  • Provide Comparative Analysis: Offer insights by comparing current data against past performance to track progress and trends.

3. Impressions

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), offers invaluable data on how often a site appears in search results. Impressions data specifically tracks every instance your client’s site is viewed in search results, providing a direct gauge of visibility and reach.

GSC Impressions Data Example

Quickly and easily break down impression data by search type, including web, image, video, or news results. These insights into organic reach help refine SEO strategies by highlighting successful keywords and potential areas for improvement.

4. Clicks

Clicks data quantifies the actual engagements a site receives from search engine listings. It signifies a user's choice to explore what a site offers based on their search query.

GSC report clicks metric visualization

This data helps agencies identify which search queries drive traffic and optimize strategies for enhancing a client’s overall organic search traffic.

5. Average Position

Average position data from GSC reveals the mean ranking of a page across various searches, offering a snapshot of where it typically appears in search results.

GSC report average position metrics

By monitoring average positions, agencies identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize SEO efforts that will boost search rankings.

6. Click-through Rate

Click-through Rate (CTR) provides a quick snapshot into the percentage of impressions that resulted in clicks, offering insight into the effectiveness of search listing engagement.

GSC report click through rate metrics example

A higher average click-through rate suggests that the listings are well-optimized and appealing, while a lower CTR may indicate areas for improvement regarding titles, meta descriptions, or content alignment with specific search queries.

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7. Top Queries 

Google Search Console's top queries data is a goldmine for understanding what drives organic traffic to your clients' websites. This data reveals the search terms (including short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords) users actively type, giving your agency a clear roadmap to organic search success. 

GSC report top queries metrics example

By incorporating top queries data into your SEO reports, you–and your clients–gain a unique perspective on what drives organic traffic and helps your agency make data-driven decisions to develop winning SEO strategies.

8. Top Pages

Top pages data from Google Search Console identifies which website pages generate the most traffic and engagement, providing a clear view of high-performing content.

GSC report top pages metrics

Analyzing this data helps agencies replicate successful elements across other pages, enhancing overall site performance.

9. Countries

Highlighting user location by countries and the associated engagement levels will help inform a client’s international SEO strategy.

GSC report countries analytics

By including country data in a marketing agency's Google Search Console report, agencies will have a better understanding of geographical nuances and be better equipped to tailor SEO and content strategies to different countries.

10. Devices 

Devices data from Google Search Console categorizes traffic by the types of devices used, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop, providing a clear breakdown of how users are accessing content.

GSC report devices data

Given the variations in user behavior and search performance between mobile and desktop, agencies use this data to tailor SEO optimization strategies, ensuring that website pages are accessible by the most commonly used devices.

11. Sitemaps 

Sitemap data helps agencies quickly verify whether a client's sitemap is correctly submitted and functioning, pinpointing gaps or errors in the indexing process.

GSC report sitemap metrics

Regular audits and updates to the sitemap based on this data enhance the efficiency of search performance, ensuring that new and updated content is quickly indexed and ranked.

Customizable Dashboards To Meet Client Needs

The ability to integrate additional metrics from other platforms ensures that agencies create truly customized client reports. If a specific metric crucial to your client's success isn't covered in the spotlighted metrics, easily include it with just a few clicks.

White Label Technical SEO Report Template Example

Demonstrate your agency’s commitment to precision and client-specific deliverables, ensuring that every piece of data necessary for decision-making is readily available and accurately represented.

Streamline Reporting and Focus on What Matters

Use the free Google Search Console report template to track website performance and simplify your client reporting process. This free template, included with every AgencyAnalytics plan, helps marketing agencies focus their energy on crafting winning campaigns and fostering client trust, rather than getting bogged down by the complexities of data management.

drag-and-drop report builder example

A customizable Search Console template guarantees that all fundamental aspects of website performance are covered. This consistency aids in building and maintaining trust as clients receive comprehensive, understandable, and actionable insights.

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