Keyword Ranking Report Template

The Keyword Ranking Report Template transforms the tedious task of client reporting into a quick and simple process. Dive into presenting significant insights that polish your workflow and spotlight the progress and trends that elevate your client's strategy.
Keyword Ranking report template example

Why Your Agency Needs a Keyword Ranking Report Template

You don’t have to spend hours compiling SEO data, formatting reports, and wishing there was more time for actual strategy. A professional, customizable, and white-labeled keyword ranking report template transforms reporting into a streamlined process, giving you back time for the things that matter: analyzing data, crafting winning strategies, and engaging with your clients.

A keyword ranking report template ensures your reports are crystal clear, highlighting only the most relevant metrics. This empowers your clients to grasp campaign performance with ease, which fosters trust and opens the door to productive strategy discussions. With this newfound efficiency, your agency spends less time wrangling reports and more time focusing on being proactive SEO experts.

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Key Sections Included in a Keyword Ranking Report

1. Cover Page

Forget generic reports that blend into the background. Stand out with a professional, branded report cover page designed to impress.

Keyword ranking report template cover example

The cover page provides key details that make it easy for clients to understand what the report will cover. For example, include the date the report was generated and the specific reporting period (e.g., Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, or Campaign-Specific) of the analysis.

Custom covers and report template designs speak volumes. They show your commitment to quality, which boosts confidence in your agency’s SEO expertise. The result? Impressed clients, higher retention rates, and a reputation for delivering exceptional value.

2. Executive Summary 

Busy clients don't have time to sift through pages of data. An executive summary offers a concise overview that grabs attention and conveys the key takeaways of your report. It gives clients a high-level view of the most impactful metrics and allows them to grasp campaign performance and make informed decisions quickly.

Keyword ranking report summary example

A strong keyword ranking report summary will get your client's attention. It should be clear and concise and highlight the most impactful findings. Here are three best practices to keep in mind:

  • Focus on Outcomes: Emphasize the impact your SEO efforts have had on key metrics like organic traffic or conversion rates.

  • Tailor the Narrative: Customize the message to address your client's specific goals and priorities.

  • Actionable Insights: Conclude with clear takeaways and next steps to keep your client engaged in the SEO process.

3. Google Rankings Overview

Google Rankings data offers a snapshot of where your clients' websites stand in search engine results. This crucial piece of the puzzle tells you how visible your clients are to their target audience when they search for relevant terms.

Google Rankings dashboard widget

Keyword ranking data is vital for any marketing agency looking to sharpen their SEO strategy. By tracking keyword rankings, you're equipped with insights into how well your targeted efforts are paying off. Including SEO keyword ranking reports in your analysis means you're making informed decisions based on search volume, average position, and how keyword rankings change over time.

Use a keyword rank checker like Rank Tracker and Google Search Console to monitor fluctuations and understand the impact of your SEO tactics. Integrate search engine results, keyword ranking positions, and other SEO metrics like keyword difficulty into your reports to elevate the content. From performing keyword research to comparing the same keyword across different time frames, the depth of insight gained ensures your efforts are visible and impactful.

4. Bing Rankings Overview

Bing rankings data offers insights into your clients' visibility on a platform that, while not as vast as Google, holds its unique audience and opportunities. Bing's search engines operate differently from Google's, making it crucial to track keyword rankings specifically for Bing. 

bing ads ranking change metric in dashboard

Including Bing rankings in your SEO keyword ranking report helps you capitalize on opportunities others might overlook. Understanding how keyword rankings change on Bing, coupled with metrics such as search volume, average position, and keyword difficulty, allows for targeted improvements and innovation.

The inclusion of Bing rankings, along with detailed keyword ranking positions and essential SEO metrics, equips your agency with the data needed to conquer both search engines.

5. SEO Keyword Rankings

SEO keyword rankings are a critical measure of where a client's website appears in search engine results for specific target keywords. This data is essential for understanding how visible a client is in online searches, which directly affects their ability to attract organic search traffic.

keyword rankings report example

SEO keyword rankings allow you to track the performance of target keywords over time. By monitoring these rankings, you identify opportunities to improve keyword positions, enhance SEO performance, and ultimately drive more targeted traffic to a client’s site.

Reporting on these rankings offers transparent, data-driven insights to clients, showcasing the impact of your SEO work on their online presence and guiding future strategies for maintaining and improving their search engine rankings.

6. Semrush Visibility Score

If your agency uses Semrush for keyword rank tracking, easily track and report on the performance of your client’s Semrush keyword projects, including overall visibility, keyword position summaries, and position change trends.

Track Semrush project keywords and position trends.

Incorporate Semrush visibility score tracking, along with improved vs declined ranking performance and new vs lost keywords into the keyword ranking report template to provide clients with a clear, numerical representation of their presence in search results.

7. Top Ranking Pages

Top ranking pages are the pages on a client’s website that appear highest in search engine results for specific keywords. This metric is pivotal for understanding which parts of a website are performing best in terms of visibility and attracting organic search traffic. 

Rank tracker report example of top ranking pages section

Including top ranking pages in your keyword ranking reports provides a clear picture of content effectiveness and audience reach. Most importantly, it aids in identifying patterns or elements common among high-ranking pages, which may be applied to other sections of the site to improve their search engine results page standings.

This focused insight into top-ranking content enables marketing agencies to refine their SEO strategies, ensuring that the most valuable content is both recognized and replicated across the site. It offers a roadmap for content optimization, guiding the enhancement of underperforming pages based on the success of the top-ranking ones.

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8. Local Rankings

Local rankings data shows how visible your clients are within their specific geographical market. This level of detail is crucial for businesses that rely on local foot traffic or regional online searches, and helps you tailor strategies for the communities your clients serve.

Local SEO Report Template Showing Keyword Rankings

Including local rankings in your keyword rankings report gives a clear view of performance in search engine results pages (SERPs) that matter most to your client's target audience. By tracking keywords with a local intent, you gain insights into SERP dynamics, understand which ranking pages draw in organic search traffic, and identify how SERP features influence visibility.

Incorporating local rankings into keyword ranking reports equips you with the data to optimize for local search results, ensuring your clients rank high where it counts. This tailored analysis supports a more strategic allocation of SEO resources, focusing efforts on boosting visibility in specific, high-value areas.

9. Mobile Rankings

Mobile Rankings data opens up a critical view of how your clients' sites perform in searches done on mobile devices. This perspective is essential with more searches happening on the go than ever before.

mobile rankings report example

Mobile rankings data reveals how well your clients’ sites cater to the largest segment of internet users. By choosing to track keywords with mobile data, you identify how target keywords and their keyword position vary between desktop and mobile. 

Mobile rankings data provides a nuanced understanding of mobile user behavior, guiding efforts to optimize for both reach and relevance. Addressing mobile SEO performance ensures your clients show up in mobile searches and provide a user experience that converts mobile searchers into customers.

10. Tags and Keyword Clusters

Tags and keyword clusters are sets of related keywords grouped together based on their thematic connections or user intent. By effectively using tags and organizing content into keyword clusters, websites improve their relevance for specific search queries, enhancing their visibility in SERP.

Rank tracker report metrics example

Analyzing tags and keyword clusters offers insights into how well a website's content is structured and optimized around core themes or topics relevant to the target audience. This structure helps search engines understand the content better and align with how users search for information.

Evaluating tags and keyword clusters helps identify gaps in content or areas where the site may expand its relevance for additional keywords. This strategic approach enables the development of a more cohesive content strategy that supports SEO goals by targeting a broader range of related search queries.

11. SERP Features

Analyzing SERP features within your keyword ranking reports is essential for understanding how a website interacts with search engines. This reveals opportunities to optimize content not just for rankings but for feature inclusion to increase visibility. For instance, targeting a featured snippet spot with well-structured, concise answers to common queries will lift a site's content to the top of the page, even above the first organic listing.

Rank Tracker report SERP features

Understanding the types of SERP features that frequently appear for target keywords allows agencies to tailor content specifically to these formats. Whether it's optimizing for local search visibility through local packs, providing clear, concise answers for featured snippets, or making content more visually appealing for image or video carousels, each adjustment makes the site more likely to stand out in search results.

Including SERP features analysis in reports highlights how a site currently benefits from these features and identifies potential areas for improvement. This strategic insight guides content and SEO strategy adjustments, ensuring that efforts are aligned with how search engines are evolving to meet user needs.

Customizable Report Templates To Meet Client Needs

From keyword rankings to the nuances of search engine results, tracking SEO data means looking at more than just core metrics. Not every keyword or ranking position agencies track fits neatly into standard categories. Here, the ability to customize reports becomes essential.

White Label Technical SEO Report Template Example

The option to pull in data from 80 other integrations enables agencies to build detailed reports on keyword rankings. From social media interactions to website analytics and CRM information, integrating these varied data streams into a single report ensures your agency accesses all necessary insights on keyword performance seamlessly.

Streamline Reporting With Keyword Ranking Templates and Focus on What Matters

By freeing up precious hours, a keyword ranking report template streamlines your reporting process and allows your agency to concentrate on what truly matters: devising winning campaigns and solidifying client trust.


drag-and-drop report builder example

Highlight the most critical keyword ranking insights, tailored to each client's specific needs, with a few drags and drops. Reinforce your agency’s reputation with unparalleled personalization, accuracy, and scalability, paving the way for deeper, more strategic client relationships.

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With custom reports, we can zoom in on the key performance indicators and metrics that matter most to our clients, making our reporting experience incredibly valuable and directly relevant to their success.

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Keyword Ranking Report Templates as Unique as Your Agency

Seamless Sync Across All Platforms

Instantly Access All Your Clients’ Keyword Ranking Data

Harness the power of 80 marketing platform integrations, bringing a wealth of data into one centralized location. Access comprehensive insights effortlessly, ensuring no data point is overlooked. 

Create a full-picture view of your campaigns’ performance, simplify analysis, and drive strategic decisions that lead to winning results for clients.

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Embrace the simplicity of report templates and automated data retrieval to turn hours of work into minutes of management. 

Save precious time while enhancing accuracy, and dedicate more resources to strategy and client engagement. Shift from tedious data handling to focusing on what truly moves the needle for your clients.

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Your Brand Front and Center

White Label Your Keyword Reports

White label client reporting transforms your deliverables into a seamless extension of your brand. Offer fully customizable reports under your agency's logo and color scheme to elevate your professional image and cement client trust. 

Deliver more than data—provide an experience that resonates with your brand's quality and attention to detail. Differentiate your services and make every client interaction a branded touchpoint that reinforces your value.

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Gain Insights, Drive Success

Track and Highlight Your Progress With Custom Goals

Set custom goals that focus your marketing team on client objectives. Every campaign gets measured against clear success criteria. Use annotations to add expert commentary to your analytic reports to highlight wins and turning points, keeping everyone informed and motivated. This clarity builds client confidence and supercharges your team.

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Never Miss a Reporting Deadline

Put Your Keyword Ranking Reporting on Autopilot

Scheduled client reports ensure your insights land in your clients' inboxes right when they need them. This automation saves your team from the last-minute rush, guaranteeing consistent, timely communication. 

Showcase your agency's reliability and commitment to staying ahead, and offer clients a regular, insightful view into their campaigns’ performance. Create consistency that builds trust and frees your agency to focus on strategic initiatives that drive client success.

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11-Second Smart Reports

Smart Reports leverage each client's connected integrations to deliver tailored insights and ensure every report is as unique as the client it serves. 

Offer clients a clear view of their specific performance metrics with maximum efficiency and showcase your agency’s skill at collecting and interpreting data faster than ever.

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I can confidently say that AgencyAnalytics has transformed the way we approach client reporting and analytics. From the moment we made the switch, we experienced a profound positive impact on our agency’s efficiency, client communication, and overall performance.

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