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Studio 8E8 saves thousands of hours using AgencyAnalytics to deliver better results for dentistry clients.
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Winning back billable time is crucial to Studio 8E8’s growth because it allows the agency to focus on what truly matters: Delivering exceptional value to clients.
Joseph LeBlanc, Studio 8E8

The Client

As dentistry's only story-driven marketing agency, Studio 8E8 takes pride in partnering with personal brands and dentists from all over the United States who are eager to distinguish themselves from the crowd. 

The agency’s mission is simple: They guide clients in uncovering and sharing their unique narratives and help cultivate their brand around these stories. They also craft visually stunning websites that look good and outperform the competition in search engine rankings. 

Studio 8E8’s goal is to help every dentist find their unique story and share it with the world.

We focus on telling the unique stories of dental practices, highlighting the inspiring, beautiful, and innovative aspects of the profession. It helps dentists understand their marketing plans and ensures that their investment yields a measurable return.
Joseph LeBlanc, Studio 8E8

LocationNew Albany, USA

The Challenge

Studio 8E8 needed a centralized reporting platform to provide consistent, visually appealing reports showcasing the progress and success of client campaigns. They also found that manually collecting data from multiple sources was inefficient. 

Lacking this system made it difficult to track and analyze key metrics accurately, impacting the agency’s ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. 

These reporting challenges consumed valuable time and resources and hindered growth. They limited our ability to scale operations, effectively track client performance, and provide meaningful data-driven recommendations.
Joseph LeBlanc, Studio 8E8

The Solution

Studio 8E8 actively researched reporting platforms that could revolutionize their processes. Recommendations from industry peers and online research led them to try AgencyAnaltyics. As a team, they collectively recognized the potential of this tool to meet reporting needs and elevate client services.

Beyond streamlining manual processes, implementing a reporting platform like AgencyAnalytics would provide several other benefits for Studio 8E8. Aiming to enhance the overall efficiency of its reporting workflow, Studio 8E8 saw that AgencyAnalytics helped deliver regular and more accurate reports to clients. The software also helped improve client satisfaction and build stronger relationships based on trust and transparency. 

This holistic view empowered us to identify trends, uncover actionable opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to optimize our marketing strategies. Another key benefit was the ability to customize and brand our reports, showcasing our agency’s identity and professionalism. This helped us present data and insights in a visually appealing and cohesive manner, elevating the overall client experience and reinforcing our expertise in the industry.
Joseph LeBlanc, Studio 8E8

The Result

By streamlining manual processes and reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks, Studio 8E8 won back billable time and allocated more resources to strategic planning, creative execution, and data analysis. This enabled the agency to provide innovative solutions, stay ahead of industry trends, and drive better client results. 

Since implementing AgencyAnalytics’ reporting platform, Studio 8E8 has been able to make strategic investments that have propelled the agency's growth and enhanced client success—from diving deeper into data analysis and actionable insights to freeing up creative resources, researching new trends and strategies to stay ahead of the curve, and giving time back to the team for professional development.

Reclaiming that billable time means we can invest our energy where it counts, ensuring our clients’ success and fueling our growth.
Joseph LeBlanc, Studio 8E8

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