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We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to understand their business, goals, and challenges as much as possible and to tailor our services and our approach for each case. We don’t go “cookie-cutter,” and each project gets personalized attention.
Anthony Guilhem, Momentumm Digital

The Client

Momentumm, founded by Anthony Guilhem and Steven Yates in 2018, is a digital marketing agency that accelerates businesses' online presence. From its inception, Momentumm has focused on delivering impactful digital marketing solutions, starting with just two employees and two clients. Over the years, the agency has expanded significantly, growing to a team of 10 dedicated professionals who manage more than 50 clients.

Based in a vibrant and competitive market, Momentumm stands out for its commitment to transparency and genuine client care. The agency's expertise spans video marketing, advertising, and data-driven strategies, which have been pivotal in driving their clients' success. By continuously adapting to industry trends and leveraging innovative technologies, Momentumm ensures its clients stay ahead of the competition.

From helping our clients with their branding, website, lead gen, and even their customer-facing processes (with HubSpot), we aim to become growth partners, not just service providers.
Anthony Guilhem, Momentumm Digital

IndustryVideo Marketing & Advertising
LocationMontreal, Canada

The Challenge

Before using AgencyAnalytics, Momentumm relied on Google Data Studio, which was time-consuming and inefficient. The team struggled with aggregating data from various sources, leading to significant delays in report preparation. Each report required manual data extraction from platforms like Google Analytics, social media channels, and PPC tools. This process involved dealing with inconsistent data formats, complicating the task further.

With every new client, the time and complexity of preparing reports increased. The team spent hours compiling data, verifying accuracy, and formatting it into presentable reports. This manual approach was tedious and prone to errors, leading to occasional discrepancies in the reports provided to clients.

Instead of optimizing campaigns and developing creative strategies, the team was bogged down by the labor-intensive task of data aggregation and report preparation. This bottleneck became a major obstacle as the agency expanded and sought to deliver consistent, high-quality service.

Reports were time-consuming and too techy for our clients. AgencyAnalytics gives us an easy and solid solution that helps us build better dashboards quicker while providing our clients with an intuitive and easy interface they appreciate.
Anthony Guilhem, Momentumm Digital

The Solution

Switching to AgencyAnalytics transformed Momentumm's reporting process. The platform’s unified reporting capabilities and reliable customer support enabled the team to automate report generation, saving valuable time. By automating the data aggregation from multiple sources into a single, cohesive report, Momentumm eliminated the manual labor and errors associated with their previous process.

This efficiency allowed the team to redirect their focus from tedious data compilation to strategic tasks and client satisfaction. The team could make quicker, more informed decisions with real-time insights, enhancing service quality. The streamlined process also improved internal workflow, allowing Momentumm to handle a larger client base without compromising on the quality of their reports.

Unified reporting is key. Many of our clients appreciate the seamless, consolidated view of their marketing data.
Anthony Guilhem, Momentumm Digital

The Result

Since adopting AgencyAnalytics, Momentumm has saved 75 hours each month, which translates to a monthly savings of $3,000. The team now delivers professional, automated reports that impress clients and improve retention. 

This newfound efficiency allows Momentumm to reinvest its time into higher-value activities, contributing significantly to its growth and success. With less time spent on report preparation, the team optimizes campaigns and provides strategic insights, enhancing overall client satisfaction.

I love the platform with its prebuilt integrations and tools. Manual reporting has become a thing of the past by providing clients 24/7 access to dashboards that are easy to use and customize.
Anthony Guilhem, Momentumm Digital

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