Alexa Rees
SEO Manager, seoplus+

Instead of being burdened by manual reporting processes, the team at seoplus+ uses AgencyAnalytics to elevate their reports and drive meaningful results for their clients.
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Alexa Rees SEO Manager seoplus
AgencyAnalytics is an invaluable asset for any SEO agency, offering a multitude of benefits that have significantly elevated our operations.
Alexa Rees, seoplus+

The Client

Eddy Abounehme and Brock Murray co-founded seoplus+ in 2012 and have grown their Canadian marketing agency to a team of 45 employees providing top-notch digital marketing services to their 160 active clients.

Starting with a background in website design, both founders had the vision to create a marketing agency primarily around website design and development. However, they quickly recognized a recurring theme within their market that lead to more business opportunities. 

Many of their potential clients already had visually appealing websites but struggled to drive traffic to their online platforms. They pivoted and began focusing on growing their team’s expertise in multi-location clients–whether it’s local SEO, e-commerce SEO, SaaS SEO, or national SEO.

seoplus+ prioritizes transparent strategies and open client communication. Our goal is to empower clients with a comprehensive understanding of SEO and create a positive impression of the industry as a whole.
Alexa Rees, seoplus+

IndustryShopify & Multi-Location Marketing
LocationOntario, Canada

The Challenge

Over the past 11 years, seoplus+ has faced the common growing pains that many marketing agencies face as they scale–ironing out their internal processes, aligning their team on core values, and determining service offerings. In more recent years, their agency also adopted a hybrid work model and tackled the challenges of building a collaborative work-from-anywhere environment. 

Aside from those challenges, seoplus+ knew that clients often needed solid data to prove the long-term value of SEO services.

The team understood that it was more critical than ever to show their clients a return on investment and clearly deliver value, emphasizing the long-term nature of SEO as a strategic endeavor. 

We needed a reliable tool that would help our team review key data pieces to facilitate meaningful discussions and actionable recommendations. We were looking for an all-in-one reporting tool to streamline our processes, allowing us to focus on delivering strategies and results and elevating our entire reporting experience.
Alexa Rees, seoplus+

The Solution

In order to continue delivering value to their clients, seoplus+ needed a reporting solution that would highlight their team’s efforts. They had multiple boxes that needed to be checked before making the switch from their existing reporting software. 

First, ease of use was a top priority. They wanted a tool that could be seamlessly adopted by their team members without significant training or learning curves.

Second, it was equally important to generate visually appealing, professional reports that effectively convey the results and insights to their clients. 

Third, their reporting solution needed robust integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with the various tools and platforms their team utilizes for data collection and analysis. 

By finding a tool that meets these criteria, we have been able to streamline our reporting process, enhance our client experience, and maximize the value we deliver. After recognizing the need for a more comprehensive and scalable reporting solution, we made the switch to AgencyAnalytics.
Alexa Rees, seoplus+

The Result

Winning back billable time has been a game-changer for seoplus+, helping them prioritize what truly matters for their clients: delivering exceptional results. By eliminating the arduous task of reviewing data from various platforms and compiling reports, they have reclaimed valuable hours that are now invested in strategic planning and execution. 

This efficiency translates into more dedicated strategy hours for their clients' campaigns, allowing them to optimize and fine-tune their approaches to achieve even better outcomes. 

They’ve benefited from scheduling monthly reports, saving them time and eliminating the need to share results manually. Their clients have also appreciated the convenience of having dedicated login permissions to AgencyAnalytics to view their Google Search Console, search rankings, and Google Analytics data consolidated in one user-friendly interface.

By prioritizing professional and user-friendly reports, seoplus+ consistently upholds its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring a positive client experience.

AgencyAnalytics has become an indispensable tool that enables our agency to provide exceptional assistance to our clients while effectively monitoring and optimizing their SEO performance.
Alexa Rees, seoplus+

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