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Simplified SEO Consulting helps therapists reach new patients faster with targeted SEO campaign data.
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Therapists do their best work when they have a steady stream of the right clients calling.
Jessica Tappana, Simplified SEO Consulting

The Client

Agency founder Jessica Tappana is a licensed clinical social worker who still actively counsels clients and has a group practice with 12 mental health clinicians specializing in treating trauma and anxiety. She taught herself SEO shortly after founding her practice, allowing her business to grow quickly and help more people. When other professionals started asking for her SEO expertise, she launched the agency as her second business.

Today, Simplified SEO Consulting serves a growing client roster of mental health therapists, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists, and has recently expanded to help other professionals, such as medical physicians, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. 

The agency focuses on taking a comprehensive, in-depth approach to improving organic traffic to practitioner websites. This includes helping the practice build quality, relevant online content, doing in-depth on-page optimization of key pages, adding local SEO, and building backlinks.

When a therapist doesn’t know when the next call will come, there’s a danger they could take on a client that they’re just not that excited to work with and won’t do their best work with.
Jessica Tappana, Simplified SEO Consulting

IndustryPrivate Practices
LocationMissouri, USA

The Challenge

As more therapists become aware of SEO, the private practice industry has grown competitive. Simplified SEO Consulting now has to do much more to get a website ranking than it used to. The agency had to adapt by hiring experts with degrees related to mental health and spending more time teaching them SEO techniques.

Being low on time led Simplified SEO Consulting to hire another company to handle reporting. The contractor happened to already be using white-labeled dashboards from AgencyAnalytics. While the agency was pleased with the overall functionality of the platform, the template that their contractor used wasn’t quite what they needed.

Jessica Tappana wanted a tool that wasn't too time-consuming and that clients could understand. So they decided to look for an alternative.

The biggest contributor to our success was choosing a niche where we could express genuine authority.
Jessica Tappana, Simplified SEO Consulting

The Solution

Because they were already familiar with the AgencyAnalytics platform, it was only natural for the agency to go to the source. This way, Tappana and her team could customize the dashboards themselves to better meet the needs of their clients and implement their own reporting process.

This helped clients better understand the SEO data the agency gave them. Simplified SEO Consulting customized its dashboard templates to meet clients at different stages in their work with the agency, adjusting widgets based on the individual needs of each practice. 

The agency gave clients a login to check their data at any time. During the most active phase of initial optimizing, the team meets regularly with clients over Zoom to review the data and teach them to understand what they see. They’ve followed this up with automatic monthly reporting, which helps identify opportunities for improvement. 

“Most do a great job of looking at the reports regularly,” Tappana says, “and we frequently get questions in response to those reports.”

AgencyAnalytics allows us to show clients what’s going on with their website in a very quick, simple way. For us, it’s about more than winning back billable time. It’s about being more effective.
Jessica Tappana, Simplified SEO Consulting

The Result

Clearly showing clients their data has vastly improved client retention. 

“Our clients are very cautious about spending money,” Tappana says. “Therapists in private practice don't have as much profit margins as in some other fields. So, spending money is scary. SEO takes months to see a return on investment, so they get very anxious about whether or not it's working.”

Being able to show the progress of each campaign has been vital to earning clients’ trust and retaining their business. Further, Simplified SEO Consulting currently offers clients a long-term retainer package–the primary benefit of which is ongoing access to their AgencyAnalytics dashboard. The move has been an additional boon for client retention.

Getting a more comprehensive view of campaign performance faster has allowed Simplified SEO Consulting to reinvest resources in serving clients better. The agency uses saved time to do more behind-the-scenes research, have more 1:1 Zoom calls, and help more clients with actionable advice.

We love using AgencyAnalytics. Of all the SEO tools we invest in, this is the most important one!
Jessica Tappana, Simplified SEO Consulting

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