FeaturesSmart Dashboards

Smart Dashboards

Instantly generate client dashboards designed with the top-used metrics from your clients’ connected integrations. Use your Smart Dashboards as-is for quick-start performance tracking, or build them out with custom metrics, tracked goals, embeds, and more. Showcase your clients’ complete performance at a glance.
Create a Smart Section for your client dashboard in 11 seconds or less!

Start Reporting Smarter

It’s never been quicker and easier to track your clients’ marketing performance across every channel that matters—and in less time than it often takes to log into a single client platform. Get smart with your dashboards and start reporting with a single click!
Start Reporting Smarter

Instant Client Dashboards

Create Smart Dashboards with just a click—it’s the quickest way to track your client’s key metrics

Built With Top Metrics

Smart Dashboard metrics are picked and organized based on real reporting patterns of marketing agencies

Fully Customizable

Adding additional metrics, goals, and more to your Smart Dashboards is as easy as drag & drop

Quick Time To Value

Immediately start tracking performance and sharing on-demand access with your clients


Track Integrations Metrics That Matter

With over 6,500 marketing agency customers, AgencyAnalytics is well-versed in the data that matter most across 80+ integrations. Smart Dashboards are automatically built and designed with metrics based on the real reporting patterns of marketing agencies like yours.

A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software

The must-have reporting software for agencies. AgencyAnalytics has revolutionized our client reporting. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Stuart Dixon
Stuart Dixon
ProVance Media

Report smarter for your clients with just a click.


Customize Your Smart Dashboard

Creating a client dashboard from scratch offers the perfect opportunity to tailor it precisely to your preferences. However, this task is overwhelming if you're not sure where to begin, or which metrics to incorporate. Smart Dashboards are designed to be immediately functional, yet they also serve as an excellent foundation. Elevate your dashboard by pulling in custom metrics, incorporating goals and annotations, and refining it to align with your agency’s vision!

Granular insights with custom metrics

Show Clients You’re Reaching Their Marketing Milestones

Give your client an immediate, comprehensive view of your agency's impact on their marketing performance. The Goals widget includes a graphical progress indicator that showcases the effect of your agency's initiatives on your client’s key marketing goals. This tool makes it easy to turn long and shorter-term performance objectives into actionable steps. It also gives clients peace of mind that your agency is on track to achieving their targets.

Set goals and hit your performance targets

Enhance Client Access

You’ve got options when it comes to giving clients clear visibility of their real-time marketing performance. Share a live dashboard link so clients can login and view their progress at any time. Send dashboard access via email or by creating a PDF view. Open your Smart Dashboards in presentation mode to take your staff or clients on a guided tour of the data story.

A screenshot highlighting presentation mode

Above-and-Beyond Customer Support

At AgencyAnalytics, we’re committed to helping your agency grow and succeed. Our live support team operates 24/5. This means rapid response time—usually within three minutes—to help you maximize the use of your reporting software. With a customer satisfaction rating of over 95%, our dedication to exceptional service is clear.

Best in Class Customer Support

Versatile Pricing Plans to Suit Your Needs

Enjoy clear, affordable pricing starting at 5 clients for $60 a month. Boost your operations with plans that include unlimited users, auto-generated reports and dashboards, and the power of more than 80 software integrations. It's the perfect enhancement to your agency's tech stack.

Cost-effective, usage-based rates that scale with your agency's growth.

Discover a Better, Faster Client Reporting Platform

If you’re tired of having to track down your metrics from a dozen different platforms, then AgencyAnalytics is the solution, The automated reporting available and completely customizable dashboards are just icing on the cake. I highly recommend it!!

Monica Simpson
Monica Simpson

Southern Tide Media

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