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All-in-One Marketing Account Dashboard

The all-in-one Account Dashboard consolidates top-level metrics for all your clients into a single, customizable view, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.
Create custom dashboards at the account level and include data from more than one client campaign.
Unlock Peak Efficiency and Performance

The Multi-Client Dashboard Built for Marketing Agencies

Keep your team aligned and accountable with a centralized dashboard that consolidates key data in one place. Track progress with up-to-date metrics, assign responsibilities, and maintain transparency across all accounts to ensure everyone is on the same page.
The Multi-Client Dashboard Built for Marketing Agencies

Streamlined Efficiency

Efficiently track client KPIs from a single dashboard for seamless workflows.

Live Data

Make data-driven decisions with access to up-to-date metrics.

Easy Benchmarking

Compare performance metrics across clients to set and achieve benchmarks.

Customizable Insights

Tailor dashboards to highlight key metrics and strategic goals.

A Better View to Streamline Workflows

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

An all-in-one Account Dashboard brings together clients’ marketing data into a single, customizable view. This marketing reporting tool makes it easier to monitor multiple clients and track key performance indicators. 

Enhance your agency's efficiency, spend more time strategizing, and less time juggling data.

Agency Level Account Dashboard Widget Example
Achieve Consistent Excellence

Effortless Benchmarking Across Clients

Unleash your inner marketing ninja with a multi-client Account Dashboard. Effortlessly comparing client performance metrics to reveal insights as unique and powerful as your agency. 

Set accurate benchmarks and uncover hidden trends within your clients' campaign data. Leverage these insights to refine strategies and consistently drive superior results.

Agency-Level Multi-Campaign Dashboard View
Boost Team Alignment

Centralize Accountability and Transparency

Maintain alignment and accountability with a centralized dashboard that consolidates data. 

Track progress and responsibilities using your clients’ campaign data, ensuring transparency across all marketing campaigns. Deliver consistent, high-quality service to your agency clients, and track the results in powerful, custom marketing dashboards.

Agency-Level Account Dashboard to Track Goals and Progress

The platform allows us to build and streamline our analytic system, while also keeping it easy and scalable for multiple clients. We create one template, and the rest is done!

Dakotah Intriglia
Dakotah Intriglia

ESTUS Digital

Discover the Reporting Tool Built for Marketing Agencies

Simplified Analysis

Create Custom Client Reports & Dashboards in Minutes

Choose from dozens of prebuilt reports and dashboard templates for SEO, PPC, social media platforms, and more. With customizable dashboard software, analyze a client's entire marketing strategy, speeding up and simplifying your agency’s workflows.

With just a few clicks, convert live marketing dashboards into professional, white-labeled reports, enhancing your agency's efficiency and professionalism.

An example of the client report template in the AgencyAnaytlics platform
Seamless Platform Integration

Instantly Access All Your Clients’ Marketing Data

Tap into 80+ marketing platform integrations and data points in one centralized location. The all-in-one Account Dashboard seamlessly integrates with top platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook. 

Consolidate your clients’ marketing data, improve optimization workflows, and enhance client reporting accuracy. 

An example of the available marketing platform integrations AgencyAnalytics offers to connect your clients' marketing data
Effortless Customization

Drag and Drop Client Reporting

An intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create customized reports and dashboards, putting key insights front and center. 

Simply drop your clients' top metrics into tailored marketing dashboards to showcase campaign performance and ensure your clients see the impact of your marketing efforts.

drag-and-drop report builder example
Focus on Success

Set Client Goals and Hit Targets

Create custom Goals to track progress against specific objectives for each client within an Account Dashboard. This laser focus translates to clear visibility into progress against client goals. 

Optimize campaigns more effectively, demonstrate clear progress to clients, and drive better results.

Set goals and hit your performance targets
Unmatched Support for Your Agency

Customer Support is Our Top Priority

AgencyAnalytics puts your agency first with round-the-clock support tailored to your needs. 

Live chat support is available 24/5, with response times under 3 minutes to quickly address your questions. With a satisfaction rate consistently above 95%, our support team excels at guiding you through tasks like creating agency-level dashboards, custom metrics, custom goals, and more. 

You care about your client’s success, we care about yours.

Best in Class Customer Support
Give Your Agency Time To Grow

Report Smarter. Not Harder.

Manual report creation and data analysis can be tedious and time-consuming for agencies, consuming far too many hours each month.

Integrate the most critical marketing metrics from over 80 data sources into one platform and eliminate the manual grind. Customize each report template or digital marketing dashboard, then clone them for faster client onboarding.

Free your team from repetitive tasks and focus on delivering exceptional results for your clients.

Smarter Client Reporting Platform
Power Your Agency’s Performance

Flexible Pricing to Fuel Your Growth

AgencyAnalytics is your growth partner, offering usage-based pricing that scales with your agency's ambition.

Say goodbye to hidden fees and report limits. With over 80 included platform integrations, and unlimited users and custom dashboards on select plans, the sky's the limit. 

Enjoy effortless and cost-effective automated reporting, designed to scale with your agency's success.

Flexible pricing to suit any agency's budget

AgencyAnalytics has significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes us to gather data and build reports for our clients. I highly recommend AgencyAnalytics to any agency struggling to find a tool that will allow them to integrate multiple marketing channels into one concise reporting platform. We’ve found it to be the best out there.

Kevin Watts
Kevin Watts / President

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