Kevin Watts,
President of Raincross

Raincross uses AgencyAnalytics to save time on monthly reporting while maintaining professional relationships with their clients.
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Kevin Watts, President of Raincross Case Study
I highly recommend AgencyAnalytics to any agency struggling to find a tool that allows them to integrate multiple marketing channels into one concise reporting platform. We’ve found it to be the best out there.
Kevin Watts, Raincross

The Client

California-based digital marketing agency, Raincross, has served clients across the United States since 2013. Their team of 9 looks at a combination of data and customer personas to deliver successful marketing campaigns for 129 clients.

Watts believes that many agencies spend too much time figuring out what algorithms are doing and lose focus on what their clients actually want. To overcome this, Raincross has set themselves apart from competitors with a two-part approach: analyzing customer data and understanding the customer journey.

This approach has helped them apply their marketing techniques across various industries including real estate, law, government, and healthcare.

The end goal is always the same–developing a compelling campaign that drives traffic, engages users, and ultimately converts users into customers for our clients.
Kevin Watts, Raincross

IndustryFull Service
LocationCalifornia, US

The Challenge

Keeping up with client growth was always a challenge for the Raincross team. They needed a platform that would help them scale their clients’ businesses and visually communicate the value their agency was bringing. 

As an agency that gets the majority of its clients through referrals, maintaining the agency’s reputation and strengthening client relationships is crucial to Raincross’ growth.

Their team relied on a combination of spreadsheets and PDF files to present results to their clients–a process that was costing them time and impacting their image.

They were searching for a platform that would assist in developing strong communication with their clients. 

It was taking us hours to put reports together for a 15-30 minute client meeting. We needed something that would significantly cut down the amount of time it took us to gather data and build reports for our clients.
Kevin Watts, Raincross

The Solution

Raincross has significantly reduced the time and effort spent on creating reports by using AgencyAnalytics. They no longer have to scramble and gather data from various sources before their client meetings. With AgencyAnalytics, they now build reports quickly and easily, making it a breeze to communicate important information to their clients.

The time savings helped them work on new strategies to boost their clients’ campaigns and clearly show off their results. 

Some of those strategies included testing out new integrations they discovered from the 80+ marketing platform integrations available at no extra cost on AgencyAnayltics. 

Our clients love the reports because they’re easy to understand and professional. We love the fact that we’re able to fully integrate all channels and platforms into the reports to give clients a clear picture of their campaigns.
Kevin Watts, Raincross

The Result

Because Raincross strives to treat every client as a person and not just a number, they now spend more time maintaining customer relationships and less on reporting as they scale their agency. 

Raincross’ clients would often ask about specific metrics and data points, and now they’re able to provide custom reports to those who ask for them–in just ten minutes.  

Watts also says the benefits of AgencyAnalytics goes beyond their clients and trickles down to his employees. Spending less time on reports means their team can go home a little earlier to their families instead of putting in late hours to prepare for a client presentation the next morning.

Your clients want to know that you care and are actively engaged with them. Using AgencyAnalytics is one highly recommended tool that allows an agency to thoroughly communicate their campaign results.
Kevin Watts, Raincross

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