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Digital Marketing Reporting Tool

All-in-one digital marketing reporting tool for agencies. Create beautiful, automated reports your clients will love in minutes. Monitor traffic, conversions, ad spend, comments, and more across today's most popular PPC, SEO, Email marketing, and Social Media platforms, including Google Analytics, Semrush, Facebook, Hubspot, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
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Multi-Channel Reporting

Integrate the most popular PPC, SEO, Email, and Social Media platforms–all the data you need in one place

Showcase Digital Marketing Success

Unleash the power of your cross-channel marketing efforts and captivate clients with tangible results

Automatically-updated Campaign Results

Track campaign performance in real-time across 80 platforms

Schedule Reports

Save hours every month by automating your agency’s entire digital marketing reporting process


Integrate Every Marketing Account

Say goodbye to the tedious tasks of manual data collection, screenshots, Google Data Studio, Excel, or Google spreadsheets. Streamline your workflow with an automated marketing reporting tool that effortlessly gathers data from multiple marketing channels like email and PPC, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Majestic, and more.

Save time and impress clients with automated reporting. Instantly access all that data, create dedicated campaign reports for clients or dynamic live reporting dashboards, and watch as engaging graphs breathe life into your clients' real-time data.

Marketing Platform Reporting Integrations

Easily Track Progress Against Goals

Integrate goal-tracking into your agency’s day-to-day ops when managing multiple clients at a time. Instantly dive into performance data and track your progress toward each client’s campaign goals with an intuitive goal-tracking widget.

Highlight important changes and clearly show progress against your clients' business goals with custom metrics by taking multiple sources of data and combining them into meaningful insights. Keep your clients up to date and add transparency to your digital marketing reports.

Track SEO Performance Using Custom Goals within white label SEO reports and dashboards

Stay Up to Date in Real-Time

It can be a struggle to keep up with every client's marketing performance–especially when you’re scaling your agency and managing hundreds of client accounts! Never miss a traffic update, social media comment, or ad performance uptick.

Quickly navigate between client profiles in the same reporting tool and stay one step ahead with real-time feeds of every client account.

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Holistic Digital Marketing Reports

The best marketing reporting tools are intuitive. Use the drag-and-drop editor to easily create holistic reports that demonstrate the value you generate from your digital marketing campaigns.

Pull your clients' most important metrics into easy-to-understand, visually attractive digital marketing dashboards. Quickly flip them into regular reports that clearly communicate your agency’s bottom-line impact to clients.

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Create Custom Reports That Speak To Your Client’s Needs


Harness the Power of Data Storytelling

Clear communication is key to client retention. Tell your clients what’s happening in plain words by adding annotations to your line charts and date-based column charts. Highlight important campaign breakthroughs to keep your clients up to date on key account changes and add transparency to your digital marketing efforts. 

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Showcase Your Agency’s Brand Power

Tie your clients’ successes right back to your agency. White label your dashboards and reports by including your logo, branding, and colors. Host the dashboard on your own domain so it looks like your agency built it in-house. We won’t tell.

An example of custom white label settings in AgencyAnalytics

Share Real-Time Insights With Clients

Clients love transparency. And some tend to be more hands-on with their marketing data outside of scheduled monthly reports. Do they need call-tracking metrics, organic search data, social media comments, or a complete keyword ranking report on their mobile devices? You got it.

Create client-facing marketing dashboards highlighting their most critical marketing metrics so they can access their data on their own and watch your client retention rates soar. 

Give clients access to custom dashboards

Give Custom Staff Access and Assign Marketing Tasks

Don’t pay per user–pick the plan that offers unlimited staff and client accounts to streamline your agency’s workflows. Customize user permissions so your account managers only see what they need to while accessing the critical metrics they need to optimize clients’ digital marketing campaigns. 

Create Unlimited Client & Staff Accounts

AgencyAnalytics has helped me enormously with ’taming the tiger’ of too much information and not enough time to do something useful with it.

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