Andrew Logan, Founder at Floww Digital

Discover how Floww Digital saved 98 hours monthly, improved reporting efficiency, and boosted client retention with a streamlined reporting process.
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Andrew Logan, Managing Director at Floww Digital
AgencyAnalytics has helped transform Floww Digital by helping us improve client communications and transparency and giving us back countless hours we used to spend on reporting.
Andrew Logan, Floww Digital

The Client

Floww Digital is a boutique inbound marketing agency founded in 2016 by Andrew Logan. Based in the UK, the agency started as a one-man operation but has grown to a dedicated team of nine professionals now managing over 42 active client accounts.

Specializing in inbound marketing, Floww Digital creates campaigns that deliver tangible results for clients. The agency’s approach is personalized, ensuring that each campaign is tailored to meet the unique needs of every client they serve. This commitment to customization and measurable outcomes has earned Floww a reputation for excellence in the industry.

We take a broad approach, looking at our clients’ marketing and sales processes and activities as a whole with the clear goal of exceeding their revenue targets.
Andrew Logan, Floww Digital

IndustryInbound Marketing
LocationGlasgow, Scotland

The Challenge

Before using AgencyAnalytics, Floww Digital's client reporting process was cumbersome and time-consuming. The team relied heavily on manual screenshots and the tedious task of compiling data from various sources. This approach often led to inefficiencies in the reports. Andrew Logan described the process as "time-consuming and inconsistent.”

As Floww Digital's client base grew, the complexity and volume of its reporting needs expanded dramatically. This growth exacerbated the challenges it faced with its existing reporting methods. The increased client load required more detailed and frequent reports, making the old system increasingly unsustainable.

In addition to the operational inefficiencies, the manual data handling process also posed a risk of human error. Ensuring accurate and timely reports for each client became a significant challenge, straining the team and impacting their ability to deliver high-quality service consistently.

Before AgencyAnalytics, we used screenshots from various platforms and/or spreadsheets collated in a document. Creating a single report used to take 8-12 hours, but it now takes only a few hours for the initial setup and five minutes to export.
Andrew Logan, Floww Digital

The Solution

Floww Digital adopted AgencyAnalytics to overhaul its reporting process. The platform provided an all-in-one solution that integrated seamlessly with their existing tools, addressing the need for efficiency and accuracy. 

With AgencyAnalytics, they could quickly create comprehensive and visually appealing reports. The platform automated many repetitive tasks, significantly reducing the time spent on report generation. This automation was essential in managing their growing client base without sacrificing quality.

AgencyAnalytics consolidated data from various sources into one cohesive report, ensuring that all relevant metrics were included. This integration gave clients a clear and transparent view of their campaign performance, maintaining client trust and satisfaction.

AgencyAnalytics provided the best value pricing model and was the easiest to use.
Andrew Logan, Floww Digital

The Result

Since implementing AgencyAnalytics, Floww Digital has experienced substantial benefits. The team now saves nearly 100 hours each month on report generation, a significant time savings that translates to substantial cost savings. The platform's automation has drastically reduced the manual effort previously required, allowing the team to focus on more strategic tasks.

The quality of their reports has improved markedly. AgencyAnalytics enables the creation of professional, polished reports that are visually appealing and easy to understand. This improvement in report quality has not gone unnoticed by clients, who appreciate the clear and transparent insights provided. As a result, client satisfaction has increased, contributing to improved retention rates.

The platform's ease of use has been a game-changer for Floww Digital. Team members quickly generate reports without needing extensive training or technical expertise. This user-friendly aspect has made the transition smooth and efficient, ensuring the benefits were realized almost immediately.

Our agency only grows when we focus on the things that matter, and AgencyAnalytics helps us achieve this. We’re not wasting time collating data, which gives us more time to action the insights we gain from our AgencyAnalytics data.
Andrew Logan, Floww Digital

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