Ben Paine, Managing Director at Digital Nomads HQ

Ben Paine and the Digital Nomads HQ team use AgencyAnalytics to ensure client data transparency and monitor real-time marketing data.
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Ben Paine, Managing Director at Digital Nomads HQ
We would spend up to 80 hours in reporting before AgencyAnalytics. Since using this platform, we have reinvested this time to communicate more with clients, understand their needs, and build stronger relationships. The seamless customer support has also been fantastic from day one.
Ben Paine, Digital Nomads HQ

The Client

Founded as a solo venture in 2017, Digital Nomads HQ is an Australian-based agency that expanded into a dynamic team of 14 with 250+ clients. The agency specializes in SEO, web design, and web development, primarily serving local businesses in the Sunshine Coast and Queensland. They’ve also broadened their reach to include clients from various other countries.

Digital Nomads HQ has taken a relationship-focused approach to scaling their agency. Relationships and fit are so imperative to their strategy that they’ve often turned away work that doesn’t align with their services or a prospect’s best interests. Digital Nomads HQ has also embedded this philosophy in their operations, as there are no contracts or setup fees. 

Their commitment to integrity has created a respectful, fun environment for both clients and staff. This has resulted in strong retention rates and word-of-mouth referrals over the years. 

It’s about so much more than just meeting sales KPIs. We are famous for telling what you need to hear–not what you want–and we’ll put ourselves on the line to get results. We care about our clients far beyond conversion data and ROI. It’s about celebrating life’s highs and lows with them.
Ben Paine, Digital Nomads HQ

IndustrySEO, Web Design & Development
LocationMooloolaba, Australia

The Challenge

In the early days, Digital Nomads HQ struggled with client data management and reporting complexities. 

Initially, their team juggled data from various sources like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. They would manually export this data into Excel, meticulously compiling individual reports for each client. Needless to say, it was time-consuming – eating up to 80 hours monthly – and resulted in frequent inaccuracies. 

Reporting aside, Digital Nomads HQ also contended with competition from more established firms with larger marketing teams. To sustain growth and quality service, they needed a more agile reporting approach.

We had to be efficient with our time to be profitable. When we were consumed with manual tasks – such as report generation – it took away from more important tasks like implementing marketing campaigns. This can lead to missed deadlines, unhappy clients, and lost revenue.
Ben Paine, Digital Nomads HQ

The Solution

After exploring multiple reporting platforms, Digital Nomads HQ decided on AgencyAnalytics because of its extensive features. For starters, the ability to create live dashboards meant giving clients the autonomy to monitor campaign performance whenever they choose. 

From a financial perspective, AgencyAnalytics also proved to be an attractive option. Winning back billable time translated to a savings of $7000 a month. That means they were able to make wiser hiring choices and manage overheads more effectively. It also allowed them to focus on business expansion instead of tedious reporting tasks.

We chose AgencyAnalytics because it is a platform that our entire team can use, regardless of their expertise or technical ability. The platform is very user-friendly, and it comes with a variety of features. This makes it easy for our team to create and customize reports.
Ben Paine, Digital Nomads HQ

The Result

Since adopting AgencyAnalytics, Digital Nomads HQ has seen significant and tangible improvements. 

Their streamlined reporting process is now a well-oiled machine. At the start of each month, Account Managers compile notes on campaign performances, insights, and relevant observations. These notes are then integrated into the reports, ensuring clients understand their campaigns in-depth.

There’s been a substantial reduction in report preparation time, resulting in an extra 2,400 billable hours per year. Plus, granting clients access to their dashboards has led to deeper trust and more fruitful communication.

Digital Nomads HQ recommends that agencies leverage time-saving technology to stay ahead of the curve. Using automation tools – like AgencyAnalytics – is a surefire way to demonstrate expertise to clients and improve efficiency. 

We couldn’t continue our growth trajectory without a solution like AgencyAnalytics. I’d highly recommend it to any digital marketing agency looking to improve their reporting process and impress clients.
Ben Paine, Digital Nomads HQ

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