Dennis Dimka, CEO at Uptime JurisPage

Uptime JurisPage uses AgencyAnalytics to streamline monthly reporting for their legal clients.
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AgencyAnalytics is a great tool to automate reporting to save time and reallocate that time towards real implementation work to improve campaigns and overall KPIs.
Dennis Dimka, Uptime JurisPage

The Client

Uptime JurisPage is a digital marketing agency, established in 2017 by Calin Yablonski. Starting with a team of just two, the agency now boasts 15 employees.

The agency offers tailored strategies that resonate with the unique needs of legal practices. Their journey from handling just 2 clients to approximately 200 today illustrates their commitment to excellence and growth.

Our agency delivers bespoke digital marketing strategies especially for law firms, ensuring each campaign resonates with its intended audience.
Dennis Dimka, Uptime JurisPage

IndustryLaw Firms
LocationCanada & USA

The Challenge

During their early years, Uptime JurisPage faced challenges in reporting efficiency. The process was cumbersome and time-consuming, detracting from their ability to focus on core marketing strategies. The daunting task of client reporting became even more of an issue with their rapid growth.  

The primary challenge was the labor-intensive nature of their reporting system. The team at Uptime JurisPage found themselves in a web of manual data collection, aggregation, and analysis. Each report required hours of meticulous work, pulling data from various digital marketing platforms, aligning it, and then interpreting it into a format that clients could easily digest. This process wasn't just time-consuming; it was prone to human error, which risked impacting the quality of insights provided.

Uptime JurisPage recognized the need for a streamlined solution to manage client reports effectively, one that would not only save time but also enhance the quality of data delivered to clients.

We would send a Google Sheet with manually recorded positions to the clients. This took a significantly longer time than using AgencyAnalytics–and was more prone to errors.
Dennis Dimka, Uptime JurisPage

The Solution

AgencyAnalytics was the ideal solution for Uptime JurisPage as they scaled. The platform’s intuitive interface and comprehensive analytics tools helped the agency simplify and streamline its reporting processes. 

The ability to integrate various data sources into cohesive reports was a game-changer for their team. In the past, the agency struggled with collating data from multiple platforms–a process that took a long time and produced less than ideal results. AgencyAnalytics eliminated this hurdle by offering integrations with a wide array of digital marketing tools and platforms built-in.

We usually do a weekly SEO review of our clients’ positions. Previously, we would need to manually look up each position. Now, with AgencyAnalytics we get a bird’s eye view, and it significantly reduces the time to review client reports.
Dennis Dimka, Uptime JurisPage

The Result

The transition to AgencyAnalytics has been transformative for Uptime JurisPage. The time saved in report preparation has been substantial, allowing the agency to focus more on client strategy and less on administrative tasks. 

Dimka offers this advice for other marketing agencies: 

“Make use of the custom reporting features to create client reports and automate position tracking for your clients.”

The professional quality of reports has improved client satisfaction and contributed to client retention at Uptime JurisPage. This shift has not only optimized internal processes but has also enhanced the overall value delivered to clients.

Using AgencyAnalytics saves our specialists’ time, so they can allocate more of their hours toward client implementation and improving campaigns.
Dennis Dimka, Uptime JurisPage

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