Gabriela Paiva, Marketing Manager at Digilatics

Digilatics relies on AgencyAnalytics to redefine ROI tracking for home service companies, delivering transparency and actionable insights.
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AgencyAnalytics is a major part of how we promote and differentiate ourselves. Being able to report on what matters to business owners is a huge win, and it’s a major reason why people choose to work with us.
Gabriela Paiva, Digilatics

The Client

Born in the trying times of 2020 by its founder Khurram Shahzad, Digilatics rocketed from a one-man show to a team of over 40 in record time. 

With a focus on Home Service companies, the agency has successfully carved out its niche and continues to expand. Digilatics tracks every source and provides in-depth analysis, quote values, and sales values to help clients close the gap between opportunities and ROI. This level of data transparency has made them the go-to agency for some of the largest home inspection companies in the U.S.

We truly are an extension of our client’s team. We listen to their calls, provide them with notes on how to improve, and more. Instead of just reporting on clicks and impressions, we report on booked leads and specialize in showing clients their true marketing ROI.
Gabriela Paiva, Digilatics

IndustryHome Services
LocationPennsylvania, USA

The Challenge

As the team grew, client reporting became an increasing burden. Every time the client had a question about how their campaigns were doing, the Digilatics team recorded and sent a video walk-through covering the details of their marketing campaigns. 

During this process, they would find themselves with 40 open tabs to pull data from different platforms and then spend time trying to explain the information in simple terms.

As their client base continued to grow, this became unsustainable. The agency needed a scalable, efficient way to maintain the high level of transparency and communication they promised to their clients.

Communication and transparency is key. Even if the numbers are down, clients prefer to know what is happening and what we are doing to manage it, rather than stay in the dark. The money clients spend on our services is a big deal to them, and they want to know that they are being taken care of.
Gabriela Paiva, Digilatics

The Solution

AgencyAnalytics emerged as the ideal solution for Digilatics, thanks to the seamless data consolidation and user-friendly interface.

Instead of taking up a full-time employee's time just to send out reports, clients now have access to their real-time data, and the Digilatics team does as well. The leadership team at Digilatics also uses the platform to stay on top of the progress of multiple client campaigns. 

Even team members without prior experience find it incredibly easy to set up and customize dashboards.

Setting up the campaigns was seamless and customizing my dashboards was actually fun. Our process is to set up the dashboard and have it send our reports automatically every month. We don’t have to worry about doing this manually anymore, and our clients always appreciate the communication.
Gabriela Paiva, Digilatics

The Result

Switching to AgencyAnalytics had an immediate and significant impact on Digilatics. Not only did it save them 125 hours each month, resulting in $60,000 in annual savings, but it also helped them focus on higher-value tasks. Most importantly, it fortified the agency's relationship with its clients, enabling them to maintain high retention rates.

AgencyAnalytics makes reporting and communication seamless and ensures transparency. Our team is a lot more efficient and intentional with their time. More revenue, more profits, and more happy employees doing what they are here to do and not just focusing on reporting all the time.
Gabriela Paiva, Digilatics

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