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Kyle Smith,
COO of Burn Media

How Burn Media Co. saved $7k and 50 hours in reporting costs per month, doubling their revenue

Monthly Savings
Billable Hours Reclaimed
More Efficient Reporting
Kyle Smith, COO of Burn Media

The Client

Burn Media Co. is a full-service digital agency based in Huntersville, North Carolina. With a heavy focus on hyperlocal marketing, they offer multichannel marketing strategies, branding & identity, and local business listing optimization.

IndustryDigital Marketing Strategy & Web Design
LocationHuntersville, North Carolina

The Challenge

Offering high-quality, transparent reporting without spending countless hours every month

Burn Media identified an issue in the amount of time it took them each month to create client reports. They were pulling data from countless different sources and quickly realized that this would not scale as their agency did. The more that their team members could focus on sales and customer service, rather than creating reports, the quicker they would be able to grow. In labour costs, report creation was costing them tens of thousands of dollars.

The Solution

Switching from another data analytics platform

Having already been using a data analytics platform, Report Garden, Burn Media decided that it was not good enough. More complicated to set up, not intuitive, and data that wasn't easily visualized were all reasons a switch was needed.

In order to run a digital agency smoothly and successfully, Burn Media identified the analytics tool as the most critical piece. After evaluating a few similar platforms, it was a no-brainer for them to go come to AgencyAnalytics. The onboarding, the support, the tools, the ease of use compared to other platforms, and the pricing are just some of the factors that contributed to the decision.

The Result

Freeing up sales' time and doubling revenue by bringing in more clients

The results were evident very quickly. Burn Media Co. was able to focus their sales team members on sales, rather than reporting, and double each members' capacity to take on new clients. They more than doubled their book of business, and were easily able to manage the increased monthly reporting that was required. Not only this, but their revenue also doubled in a very short amount of time.

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