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Mark Jamieson,
Managing Partner at WSI eStrategies

How WSI eStrategies is dedicating more time to their clients by using automated reports from AgencyAnalytics.

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Mark Jamieson, Managing Partner at WSI eStrategies

The Client

WSI eStrategies was founded in August 2014 by Mark Jamieson and his business partner, Kimberly Archambault. It was just the two of them for the first 2-3 years as they steadily grew the business. They now have a team of 8 located in Ottawa, Canada. 

Their agency focuses on web development services, SEO, and paid search to create the ultimate digital marketing strategy, something Jamieson refers to as “The Digital Marketing Holy Trinity.” 

It was also important for them to be transparent with their clients. And that meant delivering solid marketing reports that didn’t cost them too much time, money, or resources.

IndustrySmall Businesses
LocationOttawa, Canada

The Challenge

Jamieson began to notice that the amount of time and money spent on preparing manual reports for their clients was just too high and not very scalable. In fact, they were spending at least 40 hours a month analyzing and preparing detailed reports for their clients. 

He quickly realized that they were losing valuable hours that could be spent working on client campaigns and improving the day-to-day operations of their own business. 

The Solution

Jamieson solved his agency’s major inefficiency—tedious manual reporting—by bringing in automated reporting from AgencyAnayltics. 

Their team now uses intuitive dashboards every day to keep an eye on client campaigns. With over 75 integrations that are easily connected to their client’s campaigns, they manage everything in one place. Their detailed white-labeled client reports generally include 17 sections that include specific metrics covering SEO, PPC, social media, and more. 

Jamieson says AgencyAnalyitcs is a tool in their arsenal that helps set them apart from competitors. It not only saves them time every month but also empowers them to optimize campaigns and make recommendations to their clients.

The Result

For Jamieson, it’s simple mathematics. The amount of time their agency saves on building reports, accumulating data, running scans, etc., means they can now allocate more time to provide successful strategies for their clients. 

Since implementing AgencyAnalyitcs, WSI eStrategies has improved client management while saving thousands of dollars. Their churn rate is down and client performance is up. It’s a win-win for them and the clients they serve.

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