Mikael Sørensen
Head of Marketing at Adtention

Adtention chose AgencyAnalytics as their digital marketing agency growth platform to save time on their reporting processes for their 500+ clients.
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Mikael Sørensen, Adtention
AgencyAnalytics is a time savior, any agency that doesn’t use a reporting tool like this, doesn’t want to maximize their contribution margin.
Mikael Sørensen, Adtention

The Client

Adtention is a digital marketing agency based in Denmark. Brian Stein was the CEO of a traditional creative agency in 1985 and joined forces with a digital marketing agency called Webstarters in 2018 to deliver a more holistic marketing approach.

They deliver everything from brand strategy, identity design, and communications to web development and a full suite of digital marketing services. The team of 40 works with clients of all sizes to develop and strengthen brands and scale their client’s companies.

Campaigns can range from a single service to large-scale digital marketing programs, so their reporting needs are very complex. And it's important that their reporting highlights their successes, as it's a key factor in their client retention.

We intentionally don’t have client contracts or binding agreements because there is no reason to do so. We succeed by scaling clients’ businesses, and if we do a great job, they’re going to be long-term clients.
Mikael Sørensen, Adtention

IndustryFull Service
LocationKolding, Denmark

The Challenge

When Stein acquired Webstarters in 2018, he gained valuable insights from his new staff–Sørensen being one of them. 

When Sørensen met with his new coworkers, he was shocked to find them manually making client reports with PowerPoint slides. It was taking an estimated 1.25 hours per client, and with 500 clients, it just wasn’t scalable.  

Sørensen shared that he previously used AgencyAnalytics for client reporting and recommended implementing it to cut back on time spent on client reports. 

Digital agencies sell time and if a client purchases, let’s say, 5 hours of your time, and you waste the first 20% on a report each month, you have less time to scale the client. We were able to go from 1.25 hours to around 20 minutes for each report with AgencyAnalytics.
Mikael Sørensen, Adtention

The Solution

Adtention had tried other reporting software, such as AccuRanker and Google Data Studio but found they weren’t meeting their integration requirements.

After taking Sørensen’s advice and implementing AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting software, Adtention quickly saw how valuable all of the features were. 

Other than saving time completing their client reports, the team at Adtention also makes use of the marketing dashboards feature. This saves them even more time from having to answer a simple question a client has 24/7 access to themselves.

If they’re wondering how a campaign is doing, they can see everything in the dashboard. It gives us more time to spend on the accounts rather than support. More action, less explaining.
Mikael Sørensen, Adtention

The Result

By far, the time they save on monthly client reports is the most valuable resource Adtention has had since implementing AgencyAnayltics. 

They have more billable hours, which means more clients per employee, higher revenue per employee, and higher total revenue for Adtention, all while reducing their reporting times. 

Although Sørensen has boasted about how much time their team has saved, he does recommend investing more time upfront to set up proper dashboards and client reports that help as you scale. 

Instead of manually creating a new dashboard or report each time, creating templates has been a lifesaver for them as they simply duplicate the process for each new client they onboard.

It’s a really good deal for both the agency and the clients in regard to results. It’s a lot more revenue for everyone involved for such a ‘simple’ solution.
Mikael Sørensen, Adtention

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