Mike Gualtieri,
VP of Operations at WSI Comandix

How WSI Comandix is using the AgencyAnalytics client reporting platform to streamline its operations, retain clients, and drive growth.
Hours Saved Each Month
Channels Consolidated
5-6 Years
Average Client Lifespan
Mike Gualtieri, VP of Operations at WSI
AgencyAnalytics has changed our entire dynamic for Marketing reporting. We set it up and haven’t looked back as we continue to grow the agency. We have confidence in our reports and that data shared is accurate.
Mike Gualtieri, WSI Comandix

The Client

Established in 1999, WSI Comandix has grown to become one of the top three licensed offices within WSI’s global network spanning 80 countries.

The team focuses on online strategy, web development, and brand awareness to fuel more leads for their clients. But beyond providing digital marketing services, WSI Comandix positions itself as an indispensable partner to its clients. Providing clear, concise, and actionable reports is one of the ways that they maintain client relationships. The average lifespan of a WSI Comandix client account is five to six years–which is nearly double the industry average.

Where other agencies continue to get bogged down in manual reporting processes, WSI Comandix has automated these functions and has reaped the benefits.

Automation is the future and is already something every agency should be utilizing. The world–and our clients–want everything faster and automation allows this. Mundane tasks take time away from what we what we need them to do, which is customer management and strategic thinking.
Mike Gualtieri, WSI Comandix

The Challenge

As WSI Comandix’s client base grew, they realized that manually creating marketing reports every month was burning out their team members. Instead of driving results for clients, nearly half of a full-time team member’s time was spent gathering data and generating reports.  

Even with that dedicated effort, clients were constantly following up about the status of their monthly reports, or to ask questions when the data was unclear. This is something no agency wants to deal with. 

There was also the element of human error in their outdated reporting process. WSI Comandix tried using Google Data Studio as an alternative, but they found it to be too complex and it required an advanced team member to set it up and QA the reports – which took too long with 30+ clients.

They needed a solution that reduced the pain of client reporting and internal friction in their team so that they could grow their agency and onboard clients faster.

Our favorite feature is the ability to set up different report templates easily, and then utilize them across a long list of clients. Also, if you change templates – you don’t have to re-do steps or syncs.
Mike Gualtieri, WSI Comandix

The Solution

Within 15 minutes of starting their free trial with AgencyAnalytics, Mike saw how easy the user interface and data connections were to use. With a streamlined back-end, and a significant list of marketing platforms to integrate with, WSI Comandix connected all their client accounts within minutes and had the data they needed in one place. 

They also tapped into the dedicated support team, who helped them set up a few of the more complex customizations they needed. 

Very quickly, WSI Comandix was able to standardize all its client reporting using the available templates, so their reports and dashboards were ready to go with just a few clicks. They now had a way to automate reports and ensure dashboards were set up to track client performance from Day 1.

With AgencyAnalytics, our client reports go out automatically on the first of the month, and we have more free time to focus on client collaboration and going through data versus preparing it.
Mike Gualtieri, WSI Comandix

The Result

AgencyAnalytics is now an integral part of WSI Comandix’s daily operations. They save 50-70 hours each month on the data retrieval and client reporting processes, which equates to $8-10K a month. And that amount continues to grow as they onboard more clients.

Now they can spend more time digging deeper into the marketing strategy, client management, and creative thinking. The combination of clear and actional reports that their clients look forward to receiving, and having more time freed up to strategize and execute creative marketing campaigns, are part of what has helped WSI Comandix retain clients for nearly twice as long as their competitors.

If you have ever wondered how important consistent, quality client reports were to the growth of an agency, their track record speaks for itself.

Every single Marketing client we have is onboarded to AgencyAnalytics immediately upon contract signing. This allows our internal teams, plus end client to actively know the progression of campaign performance and how we’re moving the needle. With performance, this also opens the door for our agency to upsell services or marketing packages to higher tiers.
Mike Gualtieri, WSI Comandix

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