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How PWD shows its agency's value with automated client reporting from AgencyAnalytics.
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Oliver Wood, CEO of PWD
Using AgencyAnalytics allows our team to focus on the work, rather than the reports.
Oliver Wood, PWD

The Client

PWD (Perth Website Design) was founded in 2007 by Oliver Wood. In the early days, his agency quickly grew by word of mouth.

As it scaled over the years, the agency began adding more team members and service offerings. It now has a team of more than 40 located in Perth, Western Australia. 

The agency faces a high volume of competition in the marketplace, so focusing on transparent client relationships with detailed reporting was crucial for PWD.

We always want to be real and genuine. It’s not just about distinguishing ourselves from the kid in his bedroom who just took a course and thinks he’s going to sell something. It’s about being accountable and having that integrity. And that comes from branding–physical or digital.
Oliver Wood, PWD

IndustryWeb Design, SEO, Branding
LocationPerth, Western Australia

The Challenge

Oliver Wood says PWD went through all the typical trials and tribulations many startup companies endure. However, his team began noticing it was increasingly difficult to showcase the value of their digital marketing efforts. 

They knew they needed reporting to educate their clients on the progress of their campaigns, but their system was very basic. All of their reports (Google Analytics, search engine rankings, etc.) were being sent separately to clients, and the process was extremely time-consuming.

We needed a consistent, standardized place for reporting that any team member can set up and have access to.
Oliver Wood, PWD

The Solution

Wood simplified his team’s manual reporting with one, streamlined solution: automated reporting with AgencyAnalytics.

With 80+ integrations that are easily connected to PWD’s client campaigns, the team now pulls all the important numbers their clients are looking for into one centralized place. 

They also love using custom user permissions so their clients have direct access to check their campaigns whenever they need to. Wood confirms it not only demonstrates PWD’s transparency, but also it creates trust with the agency’s clients.

For some clients, there’s this idea that what we do is all hocus pocus. They wonder if we’re actually doing anything and that’s where reporting became paramount for us.
Oliver Wood, PWD

The Result

Since implementing AgencyAnalytics’ reporting software, the team at PWD spends less time worrying about reporting and more time delivering results for their clients. 

They no longer have clients pestering them for every minor statistic or number thanks to the custom user permissions. And once they developed a repeatable process, Wood was able to focus on a future of growth for the agency.

Without streamlining your reporting, you will often be faced with nervous clients wanting to know how their campaigns are doing. You also run the risk of losing that client to other agencies who do have their reporting sorted and can demonstrate their worth.
Oliver Wood, PWD

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