Paul Morris,
Managing Director of Superb Digital

Superb Digital uses AgencyAnalytics to communicate with their clients while identifying new opportunities for business growth.
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Paul Morris, Managing Director of Superb Digital
AgencyAnalytics has been a game-changer. It’s improved every aspect of the business, not just reporting. Less time spent on reporting has made us more scalable as we can take on more clients.
Paul Morris, Superb Digital

The Client

With over 20 years in the digital marketing industry, Paul Morris founded his agency, Superb Digital, in 2014. 

Their hybrid team across the UK and beyond serves 40+ clients who manufacture and sell products online–helping them grow their revenue by increasing their search engine visibility.

They utilize the best marketing channels to get their clients the exposure they need to grow their manufacturing businesses, which means tapping into a multitude of digital marketing platforms.

From SEO services to PPC and content marketing, Superb Digital not only builds customized campaigns to suit their client’s needs but also offers strategy calls and other downloadable resources such as SEO revenue forecasters.

We’ve worked with a number of manufacturing businesses over the years and we really enjoy working with them. We show our clients great results and they’re very profitable–generating as much as ten times our client’s return on investment.
Paul Morris, Superb Digital

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The Challenge

As Morris focused on scaling his agency, he began noticing their client reporting was taking up an enormous amount of time every month. 

They had a complicated process in place that involved creating individual client reports through Google Docs. They were checking multiple platforms, such as Google Search Console and Bright Local, and wanted software that would consolidate all of the platforms in a single location. 

Morris needed a reporting solution that would allow him to build off of his existing processes but would also take less time as they brought on new clients.

We were spending 30 hours per month on our client reporting, if not more. It was a very complex process that took an average of five days to complete all the reports. We needed something that was going to demonstrate the value of what we do each month.
Paul Morris, Superb Digital

The Solution

The team at Superb Digital chose AgencyAnalytics as their agency growth platform due to the simple fact that they could easily integrate their existing Google Sheets. 

It not only helped them automate their existing reporting processes but also gave them new opportunities to communicate with their clients through a unique, tailored summary at the end of each client report.

Building strong client relationships is an important part of Superb Digital’s growth–something they would have had less time to focus on if they had stuck with their old reporting process. 

AgencyAnalytics helps them create customizable reports with the multiple third-party platforms that they manage on a regular basis.

We’ve built automations in Google Sheets, knowing we can pull the data into AgencyAnalytics. The time savings trickle down to all parts of the business. Now we use AgencyAnalytics to get all of our client reports done in one day and spend more time talking to our clients over the phone or in meetings which has increased client retention.
Paul Morris, Superb Digital

The Result

Since implementing AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting solution, Superb Digital is more confident in their client meetings. They easily explain what the team has been doing each month and the results generated–something clients are always looking for. 

Now, when a client asks for something specific they want to know about each month, the team says, “No problem! We can do that!” They love that the reports are easy to customize so that they can be understood both internally and externally. 

Morris says when it comes to client reporting, communication is key. Their team has meetings with their clients to discuss what data they want to see and how they relate to specific KPIs. 

Using AgencyAnayltics as a communication tool has helped everyone stay on the same page. They’ve noticed they get more chances to speak with their clients, learn about their unique challenges, and identify opportunities.

AgencyAnalytics is a great reporting platform that’s helped us to transform our business by increasing client retention, scalability, and–ultimately–profits! We automated many processes using Google Sheets, and the fact that Agency Analytics allows us to import sheets into the report is a huge time saver.
Paul Morris, Superb Digital

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