Pinku Ranpura,
CTO, Zib Digital

How Zib Digital uses AgencyAnalytics to create professional reports, ensure transparency, and deliver ROI for their clients.
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Pinku Ranpura, Zib Digital

The Client

Founded in 2010 by Chris Knights, Zib Digital is a full-service digital agency that’s on a mission to deliver exceptional results and showcase exactly how they go the extra mile for their clients. 

Starting with just 3 employees, Zib Digital has evolved into an enterprise-level digital agency with 150+ employees in 3 countries. Similarly, their agency roster has steadily increased over the years, and they now service over 500 clients in 6 different countries.

From roofing contractors to large-scale sportswear retailers like Puma, Zib Digital serves a diverse clientele and has worked with over 1000 brands during its tenure. Their services include executing SEO strategies, Google Ads management, and end-to-end social media management. 

We feel very satisfied and proud when we see our clients’ brands grow from small businesses to giant multinational corporations.
Pinku Ranpura, Zib Digital

LocationAustralia, New Zealand, & India

The Challenge

By 2018, Zib Digital had a growing client base spread across six countries. But with that growth came a challenge–they needed a robust reporting platform to support their expanding demands.

Manual reporting work consumed 2 to 3 business days every month and often resulted in disjointed client reports that didn’t align with the agency’s brand promise of delivering exceptional results.  Plus, that wasted time pulled focus on their core efforts of delivering high-quality work to clients.

We needed a tool that offered transparent, professional-looking reporting for our clients. It’s the only way to ensure accuracy and give us time to focus on performance-driven work. We did try other platforms but chose AgencyAnalytics as it provides the complete solutions we are after.
Pinku Ranpura, Zib Digital

The Solution

The days of tedious manual reporting for over 500 clients are long gone. Zib Digital now utilizes that time to focus on revenue-generating projects that bring greater value to both their clients and business.

Creating individual dashboards that are auto-populated with real-time data from over 80 marketing platforms has innovated their approach to data management. Whether it's SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, or any other digital marketing channel, the client's data is instantly available and ready for analysis.

And 24/7 access to these customized marketing dashboards allows clients to track the progress of their campaigns as it happens, offering an unparalleled level of transparency.

Through AgencyAnalytics, we’ve set up dashboards for each client and granted login access. That way, clients can track campaign progress whenever they choose. This results in maximum client retention on the basis of trust and transparency.
Pinku Ranpura, Zib Digital

The Result

Because of the massive scale of Zib Digital’s business, the 1.5 hours per report saved using AgencyAnalytics translates to over 750 hours saved each month. 

That, coupled with crystal-clear transparency, has increased client retention, cementing Zib Digital’s position as one of the premier digital marketing agencies in Australia, New Zealand, and India. 

Our old reporting process was manual, time-consuming, and disjointed. We’re very happy with AgencyAnalytics and how much it has cut down reporting time. We use those extra billable hours to focus on performance-driven work and generating ROI for our clients.
Pinku Ranpura, Zib Digital

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