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How Wit Digital uses AgencyAnalytics to create customized reporting solutions, replicate dashboards, and keep clients data-informed every step of the way.
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That old adage is true: Time is money. The more efficiently we can work, the more time goes back into our day. Since switching to AgencyAnalytics, we spend more time focusing on how to create winning strategies instead of spending all our time collecting data.
Rachel Jackson, Wit Digital

The Client

Founded in 2014, Wit Digital is a full-service niche agency with a laser-focused passion for serving the plumbing and HVAC industries. 

Despite the prevalence and tremendous value of businesses in the skilled trades industry, Wit Digital noticed they were often underserved in the marketing sphere. To break the “churn and burn” cycle between this niche and marketing providers, Wit Digital made a deliberate decision to specialize in serving this unique clientele.

Wit Digital's philosophy revolves around two key components: a strong emphasis on cultivating long-term business partnerships and a commitment to helping clients deliver value to their communities. By adopting this symbiotic approach, Wit Digital places people at the heart of agency operations, strengthening their overall value proposition. 

Through core values like “Create An Epic Experience” and “Be Relentless About Growth,” Wit Digital has seen their initial modestly-sized team grow from 2 to 18 industry experts. Today, they offer a range of marketing services to 40+ clients, including SEO, digital advertising, and web design. 

We are the agency following up with you; we are there when you need us. We get results, but we are just as focused on ensuring that our clients feel like they are seen, heard, and respected. Our clients are our partners, and there’s no such thing as too much communication.
Rachel Jackson, Wit Digital

IndustryPlumbing & HVAC
LocationGreenwood Village, Colorado

The Challenge

When Wit Digital first started out, they relied on a static reporting platform that didn’t quite meet the mark–no interactive data visualizations, no marketing integrations, and inadequate customer support. 

This lack of functionalities meant that their staff spent countless hours trying to source data and provide accurate feedback on KPI performance. If anything went wrong, having limited real-time support meant more time figuring out intricate reporting issues and less time for growing their operations. 

As their reporting demands increased, they soon realized that a more sophisticated solution was needed.

Wit Digital opted for a combination of platforms to meet growing needs. Even with this alternative, there was still a disjointed and scattered reporting process. They were back to square one, which meant extended client calls, long report preparation times, and less time to focus on high-level objectives.

They knew that something needed to change.

We needed a central reporting hub that our Account Managers and SEO specialists could reference. Our top priority was also delivering digestible stats to our clients that were easy to use and read. Plus, the first platform we tried had a ‘barely there’ support team which was a must-have moving forward.
Rachel Jackson, Wit Digital

The Solution

While searching the market for a more comprehensive reporting solution, Wit Digital discovered AgencyAnalytics and quickly made it their go-to platform.

It covers all the agency-centric capabilities they need in a reporting tool, such as seamless marketing integrations, client login access, 24/5 customer support with a 3-minute average response time, and intuitive data visualization. 

Gone are the days of software limitations–Wit Digital now has a tool that streamlines the entire reporting and onboarding processes. From the easy replication of dashboards to real-time data tracking, With Digital found a time-efficient solution that complements their growth trajectory. 

Our clients benefit from beautiful, easy-to-read dashboards which they can share with stakeholders or internal marketing teams. Additionally, AgencyAnalytics’ customer support and library of integrations are second to none. We now have access to live chats with real agents and no longer have to parse together data from different sources.
Rachel Jackson, Wit Digital

The Result

Since switching to AgencyAnalytics, Wit Digital has successfully recovered 100 billable hours per month, which gives them more time to focus on relationship building and operational efficiency. All around, AgencyAnalytics bolsters their staff’s efficiency, keeps clients in the loop, and provides a sustainable approach to reporting.

Increased data transparency also means their clients have exactly what they need to make informed decisions, which leads to better results and stronger agency-client relationships. 

To get the most out of AgencyAnalytics, Wit Digital recommends exploring the platform’s full range of functionalities. For example, they often customize widgets on client dashboards to paint a clearer, more visual picture of marketing performance. 

Using internal dashboards also helps their staff keep a finger on the pulse of marketing performance for multiple clients at any time. This means they know precisely how marketing campaigns are progressing and whether any adjustments are needed.

Using AgencyAnalytics has freed up so much time, and we can access data at our fingertips. We can share easily with our teammates, clients, and other departments to paint a clear picture of client performance. Our agency has benefitted from the decreased reporting time and the ability to display beautiful and easily digestible data.
Rachel Jackson, Wit Digital
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