Rony Mirzaians, Managing Partner, Softline Solutions

Softline Solutions leverages AgencyAnalytics for seamless client reporting, elevating client retention, and campaign monitoring.
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Rony Mirzaians Softline Solutions
We were looking for a solution that we could provide to our clients, allowing us to white label reports and dashboards and provide clients with a simple, central interface.
Rony Mirzaians, Softline Solutions

The Client

Founded in 2007, Softline Solution has carved a unique niche for itself over the years. With 161 active client accounts today, the agency has always prioritized quality over quantity. But what really sets them apart is their intense focus on long-term relationships. They don't just acquire clients; they keep them.

At Softline Solutions, our focus is on relationships. Our growth and success are based on building long-term client relationships and making them successful. With a strong focus on multi-channel SEM, we have helped our clients grow and boast an average retention rate of 7 plus years!
Rony Mirzaians, Softline Solutions

IndustryFull Service
LocationCalifornia & Florida

The Challenge

Before discovering AgencyAnalytics, Softline Solutions had the daunting task of creating manual reports for multiple clients. Each client report took 3 to 4 hours to create every month. Multiply that by 161 clients, and you can imagine the number of billable hours wasted on manual client reporting. 

To maintain their growth trajectory, they had to find a better way. 

Our biggest challenge was managing client growth and, in turn, agency growth. Prior to AgencyAnalytics, we would manually pull reports from the platforms, which took an average of 3 to 4 hours per client per month.
Rony Mirzaians, Softline Solutions

The Solution

AgencyAnalytics streamlined Softline Solutions' reporting process. The platform automated various stages of data collection and visualization, making reporting more efficient and freeing up valuable resources.

With AgencyAnalytics, those fragmented steps became a cohesive, automated workflow. Now, the platform automatically gathers data and consolidates it into a single dashboard. This centralization eliminates the need for manual data collection and the errors that come with it.

AgencyAnalytics allows us to provide our clients with a professional, branded portal that helps them monitor all marketing activities in one place and frees up our team to work on their campaign success. We immediately found that providing this to our clients allowed them to not only receive reports but also simplified their ability to monitor campaigns across channels.
Rony Mirzaians, Softline Solutions

The Result

AgencyAnalytics is more than a platform; it's a smart business decision. The time saved became a resource that Mirzaians and his team reallocated to where Softline Solutions excels: nurturing client relationships. 

By automating the more tedious aspects of client reporting, the team devotes more time to strategic discussions, both internally and with clients. This shift in focus aligns perfectly with the agency's core mission of emphasizing relationships over raw metrics.

Softline Solutions now enjoys higher client retention, has set itself apart from competitors, and is positioned for continued growth. 

Over the years, the system has evolved as have we, allowing us to add additional options for our clients and has helped set us apart from competitors as well as increase retention. We look forward to growing with AgencyAnalytics as our partner.
Rony Mirzaians, Softline Solutions

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