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Shareef Defrawi,
Founder of Bonafide

Bonafide simplified their reporting process and cut reporting time down by 75% using AgencyAnalytics.

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Shareef Defrawi, Founder of Bonafide

The Client

Bonafide is an all-in-one digital marketing firm based in Houston, Texas. They’ve helped hundreds of growth-minded companies across the nation find new customers by using market research, inbound marketing, CRM and sales enablement, SEO, content marketing PPC advertising, social media marketing, and more.

IndustryDigital Marketing

The Challenge

Tracking keywords at both national & local level

When Bonafide first opened their doors in 2009, they were a small, scrappy and self-funded SEO company. Shareef Defrawi, founder and president, knew at the outset that they needed a tool that would both assist them with keyword tracking and quantify the work they did for their clients.

In the years that followed, Shareef tried a variety of tools—and all of them fell short. Some of the earliest tools he tried were desktop-based, which made updating and exporting data a pain. Other tools needed their tracking to be manually initiated, or they limited the number of campaigns he could run and keywords he could track. Others were just too expensive.

Worst of all, some tools lacked the ability to track keywords on a local level—a must have for an SEO agency that served both local and national clients.

The Solution

A full suite of marketing metrics on one platform

From the moment he switched to AgencyAnalytics, Shareef knew this reporting platform was different. Everything is simple and intuitive—“drag and drop, click and you’re done” as Shareef says.

With AgencyAnalytics, he has the ability to track local and national keyword performances. The platform has generous tracking allotments, which allows him to track way more keywords and campaigns than he ever could through competitor platforms without the additional cost.

Best of all, though Bonafide originally only used AgencyAnalytics as a keyword tracking tool, the platform has grown along with his business. Now, he uses the full suite of marketing tools and the integrate seamlessly with the other tools his team uses on a daily basis. AgencyAnalytics easily allows him to view all of his metrics, from paid social to call tracking, on one, simple dashboard.

The Result

~90 hours saved each month on reports

Compiling client-facing reports used to take Shareef and his team over four hours per client each month. With over 30 clients at any given time, it was a time-consuming and laborious process.

Now, with the help of AgencyAnalytics, reports are prepared automatically. Easy-to-understand charts and graphs and key metrics are displayed front and center, helping clients intuitively understand what’s trending and what needs to be improved.

Bonafide has set up dashboards for over 30 of their clients; their customers love the intuitive layout. The platform has helped Shareef and his team save an estimated 90 hours each month, and reduce the time it used to take compiling reports by 75%.

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