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Tim Akers,
Founder of Akers Digital

Akers Digital navigates through the ever-evolving digital landscape using AgencyAnalyics to keep consistent communication.

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Tim Akers, Founder of Akers Digital

The Client

Akers Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Park City, Utah. Founded by Tim Akers in 2015, his agency focuses on advertising for the outdoor, action sport, and tourism industries. 

Akers chose this niche for his business because of personal interest. Park City is where their main office is based and the community has a love for all things mountains–biking, skiing, running, etc. 

Akers Digital mainly works with clients who have direct-to-consumer brands and the agency’s services range from general advertising to email marking, Shopify management, and overall digital strategy.

IndustryDigital marketing, eCommerce, & SEO
LocationPark City, Utah

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Akers Digital has always been staying ahead of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Their agency is consistently focused on keeping up with the latest updates and trends to ensure their clients surpass their competition. 

Before switching to AgencyAnalytics, the team would spend several hours just setting up a client report with all of the integrations and data, only to have it break and cost them even more hours of maintenance and repair work. 

With changes to iOS14+, ad platforms evolving, and consumer habits evolving, they needed a solution to maintain a professional level of communication with clients to keep them informed through these changes.

The Solution

In order to improve client retention, Akers Digital needed a reporting soliton that would allow them to invest more time fostering relationships.

They began testing different reporting software options but struggled to find a solution that worked with their entire tech stack: email, DSP, Google Ads, Social, eComm, website analytics, and more. Akers Digital needed something that would be able to clearly communicate their efforts to their clients in order to maintain ongoing relationships. 

After testing out AgencyAnalytics’ dashboards and reports, they knew they had finally found the solution that fit their needs. They immediately noticed that they were spending less time on smaller, non-billable tasks. And, they were able to better recognize opportunities and dedicate more time towards execution and optimizations for their client’s campaigns.

The Result

After implementing AgencyAnalytics as their reporting software, Akers Digital has cut their client reporting time down from over 3 hours to less than 1 hour per client. They set up dashboards to review during weekly client meetings that help them visually show how various marketing efforts are working.

They also set up monthly automated reports that go out to stakeholders at the start of each month, keeping their agency top of mind for their clients’ entire C-Suite. 

When it comes to client meetings, Akers Digital recommends really diving deep into the reports and dashboards. This helps answer any questions the client might have and also gives the client the tools to better talk through reports with other decision-makers within their business.

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