Joey Randazzo,
CEO of Portland SEO Growth

How Portland SEO Growth saved 60+ hours each month by implementing AgencyAnalytics
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Joey Randazzo, Founder & CEO of Portland SEO Growth
I was fortunate to have already known about AgencyAnalytics by the time I started the agency. As soon as I started the agency, I knew I needed this tool to build the business the right way.
Joey Randazzo, Portland SEO Growth

The Client

Portland SEO Growth was founded just over two years ago and works with enterprise clients such as Autodesk, WebMD, and several other Fortune 500 companies. One of their core services is content creation and they have a team of roughly 40 people, many of whom of military spouses. Last year, they pushed over 2 million words of SEO-focused content for their clients.

IndustrySEO & Content Creation
LocationPortland, Oregon

The Challenge

The founder has been working in the SEO industry for many years and the previous company he worked at was already a client of AgencyAnalytics. As soon as he started his own agency, he knew he needed AgencyAnalytics to grow the business and deliver results to their clients.

We’ve leveraged AgencyAnalytics from day 1 for all our reporting in order to accelerate both our client’s growth and our own agency’s growth.
Joey Randazzo, Portland SEO Growth

The Solution

By tracking each of their client's data in a dashboard, the agency has been able to easily show client's the progress they're making in the campaign. They also leverage client dashboards for internal purposes to find any "low-hanging fruit" for each client's organic search rankings. This allows their team to go into each client's campaign and quickly identify content that can be optimized further.

The biggest factor for Portland SEO Growth’s success is expectation management. We do a great job of sharing expectations with our clients and teams so that we can exceed their expectations.
Joey Randazzo, Portland SEO Growth

The Results

With 25-30 clients at their agency currently, the ability to quickly generate reports and find new SEO opportunities has saved their agency at least 60 hours per month. In terms of quantifying the value for their agency, not only has AgencyAnalytics saved them time, but it has also saved clients from churning and helped them land new clients with technical SEO site audits. By Joey's estimation, AgencyAanlytics has been directly or indirectly worth at least a few hundred thousand dollars each year.Read more about how Joey grew his SEO agency with remote work & saved $100k.

It’s difficult to quantify the true value of AgencyAnalytics...not only has it saved us time, but has also reduced client churn and helped us land new clients with the site auditor. The platform has been worth at least a few hundred thousand dollars each year for our agency.
Joey Randazzo, Portland SEO Growth

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